December 12, 2012

Salta ~ An Argentine Parrilla Experience

BFF and I were wondering where to go for dinner when my colleague passed me a booklet full of dining vouchers. As I browsed through it, the 1-for-1 main course offer from Salta Argentine Parrilla caught my attention.

"This Argentine restaurant is known for its directly-imported, free-range and grass-fed premuim beef which is natural, hormone free, lean and flavorful. With only the best meal cooked over their parrilla (wood and charcoal fired grill), a savory feast awaits you."

1-for-1 charcoal fired grilled steak? Sounds very much like a good deal worth checking out! So, here we go, to Icon Village where it is located!

The first thing about Argentina that came to my mind was World Cup and soccer, but do you know that Argentina is actually the 3rd largest beef exporter in the world (after Brazil and Australia)? Due to its rainfall and largely temperate climate, the country bears high quality pastures ideal for cattle-rearing. Salta not only brings to us this quality Argentinian beef, but also the parrilla, a 5-metre long charcoal fire grill, on which the chefs grill up chicken, lamb, and of course, the beef which we're here for.
Tomato Ciabatta (Complimentary)

Most restaurant serves a complimentary bread basket and here at Salta, it comes in form of a loaf of ciabatta which packs a distinct tomato flavor. Slightly warm, hard crusted with a soft and chewy interior, it was no surprise that we finished up the delish loaf in no time. Accompanied by a dip which tasted like tuna, we wouldn't have guessed correctly that it's actually a mixture of pork, beef and beef liver mousse if we hadn't checked with the waitress.

We were also told that this trio of parsley, white vinaigrette, chili red vinaigrette dips is designed to go along with the meat orders, but we feel that it resonate better with the ciabatta.

Provoleta (S$18+)

We were contemplating which starter to order when we decided that we can't go too wrong with something that is marked as a signature Argentine dish. Provoleta, a whole dish of melted Provolone cheese topped with oregano and chili flakes seems promising, but saltiness and heavy cheesiness of it proved to be a little too overwhelming as a prelude to the main course.

Tira de Asado 400g (S$38+)

The beef short ribs is perfectly executed! Wonderfully charcoal grilled to medium rare doneness, every piece is full of robust beefy flavor! Those of you who like to gnaw on the bones, hands up! This is the cut for you!

Bife de Chorizo 350g (S$35+)

The beef sirloin is of a substantial cut and came slightly charred at the sides. The first cut warns of an overdone steak and I was right when it reveals none of the medium rare doneness which I had requested for. Done to a medium, my jaws did not appreciate the workout which it had to go through. Though the beef sirloin is flavorful and the center part fared slightly better, the uneven cooking verdicts it to an overall disappointment.

Panqueque de Manzanas al Rum (S$12+)

A traditional Argentine dessert served with praline ice cream and rum is up next. Encompassed within the chewy crepe are thinly sliced crunchy green apples which provides a nice textural contrast. Soaked in a slightly caramelized sauce which tasted like the sweet black soya sauce, this is a dessert which my tastebud is not adverse to.

This was my first time having Argentinean food, and I would say the food is pretty decent. With no service charge, the prices are wallet friendly even without the 1-for-1 dining voucher. The restaurant is casual and suitable for group of friends wanting to catch up over a hearty meal of charcoal grilled meat.

Salta Argentine Parrilla Restaurant
Address: 12 Gopeng Street #01-56/57, ICON Village Singapore
Contact: +65 6225 8443
Opening Hour: Mon - Sat 11:30am – 2:30pm / 6:30pm – 10:30pm

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