January 07, 2014

Mr Bean ~ Their New Signature Savory Beancurd Is A Must-Try! Only At Bedok Mall!

We can't miss it! Mr Bean is everywhere! I'm not quite exaggerating to say this when the popular chain of soya bean food & beverage retailer has indeed more 60 outlets located across our sunny island. Their cold Soya Milk has always been enjoyable, especially the refreshing Fruity Soya Milk range with real fruits blended in. Love the Pancakes stuffed with a variety of fillings which never fails to make a satisfying snack and Soya Ice Cream is an indulgence treat made less guilty with lower sugar and fats content compared to most ice creams. So now, the question is... what's next? I couldn't be more surprised when the answer came in form of.... Savory Beancurd!

Yes, you've read it right, it's savory! Mr Bean's latest invention, Signature Savory Beancurd 香辣鸡肉脞拌豆花 ($3.50), breaks the usual convention of how their dessert should be, bearing elements which we are familiar with, yet excites the palate like a heart-racing experience of first love.

Served warm and brimming with minced chicken, sliced mushrooms, vegetarian floss and fried shallots over a bed of silky smooth beancurd, the taste is hot, spicy and piquant all at once. The combination of flavors seems like an unlikely hybrid of mapo tofu and bak chor mee with a slight touch of vinegar carelessly thrown together, but one which works out remarkably well in harmony.

I was initially worried that this unique beancurd dessert might be too salty, but the balance was just right and had us addicted in no time. Spoonful after spoonful, we savored it to the very last. This is a product which I highly recommend you to try!

After the savory, it's time for some fun as Mr Bean introduces a whole new way of eating Tang Yuan 汤圆 ($3.50). The glutinous rice dumplings of either Peanut or Black Sesame fillings came swimming in warm soya bean milk, but not for long as we transferred them over for a rolling good time in the Kinako (roasted soya bean) powder. Advantage of eating the tang yuan this way is the ease of control over the amount of coating you're comfortable with.

Comparatively, the 8 Treasures Beancurd 八宝豆花 ($3.30) may seemed classic in its execution, from the warm sweet broth over a base of beancurd to the generous toppings of red bean, green beans, lotus seeds, yellow peas, great lima beans, red kidney beans, barley and peanuts, but is definitely none the less delightful. This treasure of wholesome goodness turned out to be my favorite sweet dessert of the evening.

The new range of cold desserts includes Three's A Crowd ($4), a happy snuggle of red beans, soft peanuts and black chewy pearls over cooling grass jelly which is of a firmer but pleasing texture, as well as two mango-centric offerings.

Both the Pearly Mango Paradise ($4.50) and Tango Twist ($4) can be invigorating choices during hot weather, but the lack of sweetness in the mangoes made it the biggest stumbling block to being the perfect choice of dessert. We would like to see more consistency in the selection of mangoes and an improvement to the layer of thin mango syrup. If we can substitute that with creamier mango puree, it would be most ideal.

But of course, we can count on Mr Bean's soya bean milk anytime for a delicious drink! The new Icy Yuzu Soya Milk ($3/$3.50) contains real yuzu peel and bursts with pineapple flavor once you bit into the popping pearls! Utterly citrusy and totally loveable! But it's available for a limited time only so hurry and go try try try!

Dine-in space is available at this Mr Bean's dessert concept store at Bedok Mall and do quote '我爱甜品' (I Love Desserts) to enjoy the special promotion of 1-for-1 Dessert*. Only valid at Bedok Mall outlet till 31 January, 2014.

 *2nd dessert must be of equal or lower value than the 1st. Not applicable for Signature Soy Porridge with YouTiao and Soya Milk with YouTiao

Thanks to Mr Bean for the hospitality.

Mr Bean (Dessert Concept Store)
Address: Bedok Mall, 311 New Upper Changi Road, #01-94, Singapore 467360
Website: http://www.mrbean.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrBeanSingapore
Opening Hours: 7am - 10pm Daily

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