October 01, 2013

Nespresso Crealto-Infused Culinary Creations by Singapore's Top Chefs! For October Only!

Say hello to October with Nespresso Crealto-Infused Culinary Creations! To celebrate the launch of the new Crealto Limited Edition Grand Cru, Nespresso Singapore has partnered with renowned chefs from ME@OUE, La Cantine by Bruno Menard, Forlino Dining on the Bay and Sabio by the Sea to create four Nespresso Crealto-infused dishes. Available exclusively at the restaurants only in the month of October, these specials not only showcase the talents of Singapore's top chefs, but also the versatility of Nespresso coffee. Yes, we have been drinking the aromatic brews, now it's time to further appreciate its fineness and richness through these gastronomic delights! Coffee has certainly evolved into more than just a perk-me-up beverage!

Some background on Nespresso Crealto:  
It was created by Nespresso Green Coffee Specialist Alexis Rodriquez who was inspired by Michelin-starred chef Mauro Colagreco's application of long-roasting techniques at low temperatures. With an intensity of 8 on a scale of 1-10 and blended entirely from washed Arabicas, the unique character of Crealto allows its rich aroma to be fully appreciated. Its long roasting time cooks all the notes harmoniously, allowing it to develop round roasted notes that are long-lasting.

Sounds really impressive, doesn't it? Apparently, Crealto was a success with Nespresso club members and consumers last year, which is why it's now making a return as a limited edition for its business solution customers. It'd be interesting to see what these world class chefs will come up with using the high quality Crealto coffee beans. They are namely Kentaro Torii (Forlino), Bruno Menard (La Cantine), Damien Le Bihan (Sabio by the Sea) and Nicholas Vergnole (ME@OUE)

Thanks to Nespresso Singapore, PinkyPiggu is privileged to catch an exclusive preview of these special Crealto-infused culinary delights. 

Now I can tell you if it's good or no good, worth or not worth the calories :p

Ion Orchard: 2 Orchard Turn, #01-14, Singapore 238801 (Open 10.30am-9.30pm daily)
Takashimaya: Takashimaya Department Store Basement 1, Singapore 238873 (Open 10am-9.30pm daily)

The afternoon started off at the Nespresso Boutique in Ion Orchard. With an array of Nespresso coffee machines and capsule designed to suit every needs, we can now create the perfect cup of espresso coffee just like a skilled barista! If you're confused like me on the different Nespresso machines and their specific functions, worry not because friendly consultants are on hand to give their advice. Coffee tasting moments can also be enjoyed at the specialized counter where the baristas would be happy to brew you a cuppa or two. I didn't stay here too long though, for we were soon on our way to Sabio by the Sea for the tasting of the Crealto-infused dish by Chef Damien.

Address: 31 Ocean Way, #01-02, Singapore 098395
Contact: +65 66907568
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 12pm-10pm / Fri & Sat 12pm-12am / Sun 10.30am-10pm

Grilled Ribeye in Coffee Beans with Velvet Chili Sauce and Viola Mash Potatoes ($42++) by Chef Damien Le Bihan

Nestled in the idyllic surroundings of Sentosa Cove, Sabio by the Sea is the perfect place to chillax while enjoying the Grilled Ribeye by Chef Damien. The only main course out of the four dishes, the ribeye is crusted with finely grained Crealto beans, which provides a rich coffee flavor. This 300g of beefy goodness is prepared using no less than the Ferrari of the grill world ~ the charcoal Josper Grill. Grilled to a medium perfection while retaining a juicy interior, the meat has a distinctive charred flavor that is greatly enhanced by the aroma of the coffee beans, which is yet none at all too overpowering. Every chew was a wonderful release of flavors and textures. To put it simply, it was utterly delicious!

LA CANTINE by Bruno Menard
Address: 8 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 1, #01-01, Singapore 018960
Contact: +65 66907567
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri Lunch 12pm-2.30pm, Apero from 5pm,  Dinner 6pm-9.30pm / Sat For private bookings only / Sun Closed

Nespresso and Caramel Sundae ($12++) by Chef Bruno Menard

The coffee flavored dessert specially crafted by Chef Bruno, the first 3-Michelin Star chef to be permanently based in Singapore, is nothing short of a resounding "WOW". Delectable layers of chantilly cream, vanilla ice cream, crumble, caramel sauce, ladyfinger biscuits, topped with Valrhona caramelia crunchy pearls, were all tied beautifully with two shots of Crealto. Chef Bruno is very particular with the quality and balance of flavor in his creations and Crealto provides just the right amount of bitterness to complement the sweetness of caramel, while giving off the roasted aroma of coffee. This is a sundae which somehow reminded me of a tiramisu, and had me scrapping its contents out of the glass till the very last. The icy sensation of each mouthful is wonderfully, I shall repeat again, "WOW".

FORLINO Dining on the Bay
Address: One Fullerton, #02-26, Singapore 049213
Contact: +65 66907564
Opening Hours: Lunch 12pm-2.30pm / Dinner 6.30pm-10.30pm / Opened Daily

Crealto Tiramisu ($15++) by Chef Kentaro Torii

If Chef Bruno's creation reminded me of a tiramisu, Chef Kentaro's creation called to mind a tiramisu that is artistically deconstructed. His Crealto Tiramisu is a picture of dainty prettiness that is extremely instagram-worthy, with a taste most divine to match. Laced with the pleasant bitterness of Crealto and richness of Mascarpone cream, this luscious dessert gives a hint of nut and links to the flavor of Amaretto. The different components of the dessert is each noteworthy on its own, but came together harmoniously in a heavenly marriage. Those highly enjoyable little translucent cubes of Amaretto jelly will capture your heart effortlessly, and yes, I've already lost my heart to this alluring dessert.

Address: OUE Bayfront Rooftop, 50 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049321
Contact: +65 66344555
Opening Hours: Lunch Mon-Fri 12pm-2.30pm / Dinner Mon-Sat 5.30pm-10.30pm

Crealto Coffee Sunrise ($17++) by Chef Nicholas Vergnole

The Crealto Coffee Sunrise by Chef Nicholas is an absolute visual delight! An elegant mini tower beholding a couple of surprises ~ The Crealto Tuile Chimney, the Valrhona Lactee Spiral, the toasted bread ice cream, all these elements compliment each other with tones of bitterness and sweetness, along with a hint of smokiness. Chef Nicholas wanted to emulate the effect of waking up bright and early on a cold winter's morning, whilst sitting by an open fire, taking in the sunlight while enjoying an excellent cup of coffee, hence the name Crealto Sunrise. This stunning creation looked so exquisite that I know not how to initiate the first move, but once I did, it was swiftly gone from sunrise to sunset in my tummy.

The four Nespresso Crealto-infused creations will be available in the month of October at each respective restaurant. 
For more information on Nespresso Crealto Limited Edition Grand Cru, please visit www.nespresso.com

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