October 20, 2013

YY Kafei Dian 喜园咖啡店 ~ This Coffeeshop At Beach Road Serves Up The Best Soft Buns I've Ever Tasted!

Ever since I started food blogging, my friends and colleagues like to ask me for recommendations of food places to visit. If we have a gathering, it seems to be my responsibility now to think of a suitable venue too lol. Much as I like to share my suggestions, I also love it when they let my brain rest bring me to their favorite places that I've never been to before. YY Kafei Dian 喜园咖啡店, a nondescript Hainanese coffeeshop along Beach Road is one such gem! Oh my! They serve up the best soft buns I've ever tasted.

Eschewing all the trappings of fancy flavors and varieties, this is bread at its most basic form but to me, it is the best form. The loaf was so extremely pillowy soft and fluffy that if I use an extra ounce of strength more to hold it, I would have threaten to flatten it between my fingers. The buns were served warm with a well toasted crust and given a spread of peanut butter or the classic combination of dark kaya (coconut jam) and butter. We ordered both and they were equally awesome. I'm usually quite indifferent to bread but that was one of the rare times I enjoyed it that much. Best savoured with a cup of coffee or milk tea.

It being dinner time and also supposed to be my friend's birthday meal, we also order their signature Special Beancurd and Coffee Flavour Pork Ribs, as well as perennial zhi char favourites like Fu Yong Omelette and Sambal Kang Kong to go along with white steamed rice. While all the items were competently executed, none were exactly as memorable as the Claypot Ee Mian. It was such a simple yet delightful pot of noodles! Served piping hot with generous amount of seafood and a gorgeous raw egg which we stirred into the lip-smacking savory gravy, the ultimate taste enhancer were the Pork Lards! Yummy to the max!!! I wondered who was the genius who first made such wonderful use of the fats of pigs.

So that concluded my maiden visit to YY Kaifei Dian, it was a tummy happy one. Even though their service really sucks, I still wanna bring my BFF here to eat their soft buns and 'la kopi' lol. Simple pleasures of life. That's what I like.

YY Kaifei Dian 喜园咖啡店
Address: 37 Beach Road #01-01, Singapore 189678
Contact: +65 63368813
Opening Hours: 8am-10.30pm Daily


  1. Yes! This is very good! The Buns, Claypot Ee Mian and also Hor Fun are quite good!

  2. Yes! This is one of mine Favourite coffee shop in Singapore. One of very few authentic Hainanish 'Kopi Dian' (coffee shop) left that's run by Hainanese. Their home made square bread is superb! Their BeeHoon is one of the better ones around. The shop is clean & beat, and the coffee & tea still maintain certain traditional standard. A really nice place to have breakfast. A must go place if you like bread & coffee, and when you have Hananish friends returing from oversea. Bravo! :)