May 27, 2013

Truffs @ Telok Ayer Street ~ Time For A Chocolate Break!

It is often heard, "I need a coffee break", "Let's go for afternoon tea", but would one usually go... "Time for a chocolate break!" ???
Kimberly, Derrick and I had a chocolate break one afternoon and we love it!

Hidden in the second level of a row of shophouse along Telok Ayer Street, Truffs would have escaped my attention if Kimberly hadn't introduced the place to us after our failed attempt to visit Sophie's Bakery which was temporary closed for renovations. Best known for their offerings of chocolate desserts, drink and truffles (of course!), Truffs is truly an epitome of a chocolate paradise, a perfect place to have a quiet afternoon of chocolate break! My initial disappointment was very much compensated with this new-found affection.

The popularity of their products saw Truffs evolving from an takeaway retail outlet to a cafe where customers can sit down and enjoy their chocolate delights. We can also park ourselves in front their open kitchen to watch how their signature chocolate cakes are being made! But, what if a customer happens to sneeze as they are watching? Look at how close the sponge cake is to the customer at the counter. Such an open space, I wouldn't want to further imagine. -_-;

After settling ourselves nicely at the cafe area, our placed orders came shortly after. My glass of Ice Chocolate ($7.50) was absolutely awesome! A smooth luscious blend of chocolate, creamy yet not overly rich or sweet, it's the ultimate perfect beverage to cool down after our long walk from the bus stop in the afternoon heat. The surprise was the chocolate bits as I sipped the drink, very nice!!  I always say I prefer to eat my calories rather than drink it, but I'd take my words back for this lovely ice chocolate.

While the gals went for the iced chocolate, the guy went for the hot version. Derrick's cup of Signature Hot Cocoa ($6.50) looks like a match made in heaven for rainy days.

We were all greatly gratified with this slice of Chocolate Cake ($11). I simply adored its fluffy and moist sponge that is sandwiched between layers of ganache and topped with glossy dark chocolate glaze. A perfectly balanced combination which is overall rich in flavours, yet light enough to be finished by one person.

Truffs' version of tart moves away from the traditional bottom shell and topped its Earl Grey Chocolate Tart ($7) with a crumbly crust instead. Flavoured with the delicate fragrance of earl grey, the pairing with the dark chocolate turns into an intense one. For you who prefer coffee, the tart comes in an Espresso version as well.

 This is one happy PinkyPiggu enjoying the heavenly chocolate treats.

The cafe area is brightly lit and spacious with well spaced tables, exuding a very quiet and relax mood which left me so comfortable that I would have stayed longer if not for the lure of more food from the nearby Amoy Street Food Centre lol. (Read: A Noodle Story ~ A Singapore-Style Ramen Stall @ Amoy Street Food Centre)

Truffs is a must-visit for all chocolate aficionados!

Address: 179A Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 0698627
Contact: +65 90882736
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12-7pm / Sat 12-4pm  (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

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