May 25, 2013

My Best Friend Married My Cousin! ~ A Very Touching Wedding @ Seletar Country Club

This post is specially dedicated to Joey Lo and Desmond Tay.

May 25, 2013 ~ It was a most touching moment as I witnessed my best friend exchanged marriage vows with my cousin. The solemnisation ceremony and wedding dinner was held at Seletar Country Club in the company of family, relatives and close friends. A simple and cosy affair, the few of us who has comrade the bride and bridegroom through their love journey were all present, including Diana and Margaret whom I have not met for a long time. Amid the congratulatory tosses of wine and shouts of yum seng, I held back tears of joys, for the union of two persons in love is the most beautiful, even more especially so as they are two people whom I loved.

Our beloved Joey Lo is really married!! We still can't believe that the most sotong and guy-luckless gal among us would be the first to get married lol!! Kiss the bride? We also want lol!!

Joey, my best gal friend (not to be confused with my BFF who is a guy) and I met 12 years ago when she joined my fanclub lol! Our common love for 仔仔 brought us together, but our friendship has since progressed way beyond that. We can talk about almost everything, the frivolous stuff, the intimate moments, the things which we love and hate. We shared laughter, tears, joy and did countless silly things together. In fact, we became so close, Joey's group of gal friends since their poly days became jealous of me and they even quarrel with Joey over it lol. Yes, we can joke about it now, but it was no laughing matter back then. Meiyi, if you're reading this, there's no need to be jealous anymore okay. Hey you get to be the 'sister', I didn't lor lol!! Joey's love is sufficient for us all.

Desmond is my cousin whom I affectionately called Ah Boon since young. As he grew up in Malaysia, I didn't really get to see much of him or know him beyond his name and that we are related by distant blood. It wasn't until one fine day when my mum called me that I started meeting up with Boon again.

Mum: "Eh, your that friend, Joey, have boyfriend anot huh?"
Me: "No... why?"
Mum: "Want to introduce someone to her leh."
Me: "Who?"
Mum: "Ah Boon lor"
Me: "Huh??? You sure anot???"

You see, my impression of Boon stopped at when we were still very young. He was scrawny and looked super geeky. Would Joey (who only has eyes for 仔仔 during that time) fancy someone like him? But as Boon is the favourite boy among all my aunts (including my mum), I felt that he must be of reasonably good character to warrant the effort my mum is making for him. Of course, Boon has now grew up to be a very humourous yet charming gentleman. A very family oriented guy, I feel that he's not that bad a candidate for my dearest Joey. In fact, he is so so sooooo much better than all the other guys I've introduced Joey to! Boon, you are the best lah!!!

I started inviting Boon to join Joey and my friends for dinner dates and karaoke outings, creating opportunities for them to meet and know each other better. Both of them knew what's going on, they knew we were trying to bring them together and were actually opened to the idea! Who says matchmaking doesn't work in this era? Love comes knocking through different doors yo! Getting to know potentials through friends is one of the best way as friends would have known the person's character and done the necessary profiling for you already!

That was back in year 2007 when Joey and Boon first met, but their relationship didn't really develop beyond the platonic kind. A bit of 曖昧 was going on, but nothing serious happened until a few years later. I think I can understand why. Both of them are very level-headed in thinking and secured in the love of their family. As totally whole and happy individuals, they do not need another person to make them feel completed. Love is a want, but not a need. It is in this steadfast environment that their relationship is slowly nurtured, in a healthy way which set a strong foundation for their relationship.

It was in year 2010 when both of them came to fetch me for my post-surgery check-up that Joey announced to me that Boon and her are now officially together. What a piece of great news to lessen my pain! Seeing them holding hands, I knew that nothing would be able to separate this pair easily.

Sometimes, I feel that I 'lost' my best friend and my cousin as we don't catch-up that often anymore after they got together. But deep down we all know that, in times of needs, we will always be there for each other. That's what true friendship is.

Now my best friend is part of my family. How wonderful is that :)

As with any traditional Chinese wedding, a dinner banquet is hosted for the guests. We enjoyed a 8-course feast while the bride and bridegroom were busy with their march-ins, cake-cutting, champagne pouring, changing of gowns, yum seng toast and table-to-table group photos. Haha yes, a Chinese wedding usually has so much going on during the dinner.

I don't think Joey and Boon had time to eat much of the food that evening. Quite a pity, because the food were actually rather good. Best dish of the evening has to go to steamed seabass, which won our whole table over with its freshness, tender meat and well balanced seasoning.

Joey and Boon, here's the photos for you to salivate over :p

Hot & Cold Combination ~ Pocket Chicken, Prawn Salad, White Bait Fish, Sesame Octopus, Jellyfish

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Golden Mushroom

Steamed 'Live' Seabass in Hong Kong Style

Crispy Whole Chicken in Traditional Spices & Salt

Guess who got this portion of chicken wings :p

Deep-fried Cereal Prawns

Broccoli with Chinese Mushroom & Canpoy

Braised Ee Fu Noodles with Straw Mushroom in Chef's Sauce

Chilled Lemongrass Jelly

All the guests also received a lovely wedding favor, either a bottle opener or set of salt & pepper shakers.

Mr & Mrs Tay, here's wishing both of you a lifetime of joyful bliss as you step together into next phase of your relationship. 
May your love grow stronger and sweeter with each passing year! ♥

The Wedding of Joey Lo & Desmond Tay 
Seletar Country Club
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