May 07, 2013

St. Marc Café @ Vivocity ~ The Day I Fell In Love

What makes a lazy off-work afternoon even better? Lazing around with a new found love at St. Marc Café!

St. Marc is a leading café in Japan best known for their signature chocolate croissant, the Chococro. Starting from its first Tokyo outlet in 1998 to the current expansion of more than 300 outlets all over Japan, its popularity is pretty much self-explanatory. Singapore is their second overseas outlet after Shanghai, and what we can expect are Freshly Baked Breads! Pastries! Desserts! Matcha Latte! These are just some of the items that are available daily at their Vivocity outlet.

I always thought the Japanese are devilishly cunning to have these fake food displays at the entrance and ordering counter, luring us in and enticing us to order more than what we intended. When Daniel asked me if we should order this or that, my response was: "Let's order this and that!" Everything looked so tempting even to a not-so-empty stomach. Just order lah lol! :p

When at St. Marc, the Chococro ($2.40) is of course a definite must try! There's a reason why it's so popular right? After my first bite, I now understand why this crescent shaped bread roll hold its reign as their bestseller. Though it was left at the open pastry counter, the croissant was still marvelously crispy, boasting of decadently buttery flaky layers. At its heart, the chocolate oozes. The Chococro was sweet, literally. It was good, I had a crush. But somehow, I did not fall in love with it.

Eating the Gion ($8.20) is like having to devour through time! The soft serve melted too quickly, otherwise it was quite a joyride together with the matcha ice cream, jellies and azuki. The dessert may be fancifully appealing with the combination of various ingredients, but no, I'm not seduced by it.

When I saw the fake Little Fuji at the display counter, I knew I want to have real one. Presented like a miniature version of the scenic snow capped mountain, Little Fuji ($6.30) looked simple and unassuming, yet exuded an attractive charm. White vanilla soft serve is crowned over a golden danish pastry, a pairing of cold and warm, soft and flaky. Each mouthful is a wonderful contrast of sensation and flavours, heightened by a drizzle of caramel sauce. Ooh how excellent!  

Little Fuji, I had fallen in love with you! ♥♥♥

St. Marc Café's Little Fuji and comfortable ambience makes it my preferred choice in Vivocity for more afternoons of laziness if my time allows, though to have the beeping device beeped multiple times for self-collection of ordered items can be quite irritating. Still, I'd be back to visit my love.

St. Marc Cafe
Address: 1 Harbourfront Avenue, #01-108/110, Vivocity, Singapore 098585
Contact: +65 62222309
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm Daily