March 17, 2013

品珍私房菜 Yummy Recipes ~ A Yummy Makan Night

It's rather interesting for me to see where the makansutra dinner will bring me month after month. This time round, all 120 of us gathered at 品珍私房菜 Yummy Recipes. Situated at the Crescent @ Kallang building, the industrial estate of Macpherson is not an area I would have in mind when thinking of a dinner place for food outings. Which made me all more the glad that the makansutra dinners brings me to restaurants which I normally will not patronize or discover due to the location. Kudos to Andrew and Tony for their unrelenting search for good makan places and organising the dinners every month!

Dinner started off with Chicken in Pig Stomach Soup, which explains the dish itself literally. A whole chicken is stuffed into the pig stomach and boiled for hours! The resulting soup is intensely thick, tasty and aromatic, giving us a warm peppery start to the evening. It couldn't get any better than this.

As it was approaching Chinese New Year, we definitely must follow our yearly tradition of partaking in the tossing of the Prosperous Salmon Yu Sheng ~ lo hei! One would not be unfamilar with the auspicious chinese sayings as we add the raw salmon, crackers and various condiments to the colorful variety of shredded vegetables, but do you know that we should also say "Received! 收到!" in response? That's something new I learnt this year from Derrick :D

What followed soon after is the Steamed Prawns with Garlic. The crustaceans is beautifully butterflied, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also makes it easier for us to de-shell and eat. The pros of the dish stopped at this, as I cringed at the prawn meat which is too mushy.

The Yummy Imperial Chicken is yummy indeed! Simple yet flavorful with tender meat, the dish may not bring on the fireworks, but nevertheless sparkles.

Look! I got my favourite chicken wing LOL! I love this candid shot which Leroy took of me! The picture quality is rather blur but it captures the contentment and happiness I felt.

Essential greens came in form of Double Prosperity Baby Kailan,which is cooked in two different ways ~ one unique, one ordinary. What's unique is the deep fried kailan! My first time trying this dish, I find it very crunchy, not unlike crispy seaweed. The stir-fried kailan with garlic is well executed, cooked just right with a nice crunch and still maintaining the bright green hue. Ordinary, but good.

After the lightness of the vegetables, I braced myself up for the richness of the next dish, Braised Pork Knuckle with Sea Cucumber. Don't you just love the gelatinous fatty skin which screams collagen?! That reason alone is enough for me to indulge without guilt. Give me, give me more, I wanna be 美美! I also love the meat which is cooked till extremely tender.

I was taking an individual portion for myself when I realised that I had unconciously plated it into a heart shape! I ♥ Pork Knuckles!

I was initially hesitant about carbs loading myself with this blackish boring looking bowl of Glutinous Rice with Waxed Meat, but I told myself to give it a try anyway. I ended up finishing the most of it as the combination of different textured grains and savory preserved meat makes it too tasty to resist.

For an item stated as "Special Dessert"on the menu, I was expecting something more special than the served Homemade Beancurd. That aside, the chilled, soft and smooth pudding-like texture of the beancurd pleases.

The next dessert of "Special Butter Buns" is actually Steamed Custard Bun which most of us love. The mini buns oozing delicious lava filling would have made a perfect end to the evening if not for the slightly thick skin.

As usual, any makansutra dinner wouldn't be completed without a few bottles of happy juices. :p

It was another great evening of good company and catch-ups with fellow food lovers. So, where will the makansutra dinner bring me to next month? Stay tune yo!

品珍私房菜 Yummy Recipes
Address: #01-08 Crescent @ Kallang Building, 47 Kallang Pudding Road, Singapore 349318
Contact: +65 63431818

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  1. Interesting! chicken in pig stomach! I like drinking pig stomach soup. But few places does it well and clean the stomach thoroughly.

  2. The managers are very attitude, rude and impolite. Poor service is what drives customers away. We would never recommend this place to anyone.