March 05, 2013

PepeNero ~ Simply Italian

My love for Italian food brought me to PepeNero one evening.

Situated at Stanley Street which is just a 10 minute walk from Tanjong Pagar mrt, it was very easy to locate. For someone like me who doesn't drive, easy accessibility is very important. Many a times I had wanted to visit a place but the ulu-ness of it held me back. Not all friends drive. Taxis may not be available when I want it. I should get a driving licence soon. Ahh I digressed!

Ok back to PepeNero. So, I was grateful that this Italian restaurant is located in a convenient location. I took a liking to the place immediately after I stepped in. High ceilings, dim lighting, comfortable cushion seats, black and white photographs adorning the white and green walls, the setting is chic, contemporary and intimate all at once.

Bread Basket (complimentary)

Carbs are not my friend when I'm trying to control my weight. I tend to be very selective about what kind of carbs I take so this basket of bread and breadsticks does not really excite me. However, my friend seems to love it. After much prodding from him, I finally surrendered. Between the two, I prefer the dense and crunchy breadstick which is very addictive. The olive and tomato dips makes nice accompaniment.

Wild Forest Mix Mushrooms Soup with Truffle Oil (S$21++)

I love to start off my meals with soup. Mushroom soup is a natural choice as I love mushrooms. The version here is very rich with a robust earthly mushroom favor, enhanced further with the touch of truffle oil. Now, if only there's shaved truffles too... Though it's not the best mushroom soup I had, it's definitely one of the better ones.

My friend and I ordered a serving of soup each. A bad idea because it filled my friend up too quickly. He actually declared he's full after finishing the soup! I would love to order more mains but it would make me look like a glutton next to him lol. Haha yes, on my good appetite days, I can easily eat more than some of my guy friends. My BFF says it's due to the good "training" I had by hanging out with him and The Hungry Cow lol. I digress again. That's another story for another day.

Homemade Ravioli filled with 8-hour  Braised Duck Leg with Meat Jus and Shaved Smoked Ricotta Cheese (S$29++)

Carbs may not be my friend but I've a known weakness for pasta. A hearty plate of aglio olio is always welcome but tummy wanted ang moh wanton ravioli that evening. My friend wanted ravioli too but we can't decide between the duck and fish ravioli. We ended up ordering both to share.

First up is the duck ravioli. The thickness of the homemade pasta dough suits me just fine but I'm a tad disappointed with the duck filling within. The meat is too finely mashed up, I would prefer it to have a tad more bite. Overall, the dish is very flavorsome, just sadly lacking in texture.

Homemade Ravioli filled with Black Cod Fish "cooked in cartoccio style" with Lobster Sauce and Broccoli (S$32++)

The fish ravioli is better in comparison. The little parcels of black cod are smothered in a very delicious tangy sauce. Broccoli and cherry tomatoes prettified the dish with their brilliant hue. The taste will ultimately make or break a dish but visual presentation is also very important.

PepeNero Tiramisu (S$12++)

The decently executed tiramisu is a nice end to the meal though I wish it's not the end yet. There are so many items on the menu which sounds promising and worth a try. Yes, I wanna make another visit soon.

PepeNero means black pepper in Italian. Why this name for the restaurant?
Maybe it's a question I should ask when I next return.

Address: 14 Stanley Street, Singapore
Contact: +65 6222 5808
Opening Hours: Lunch 12pm - 2.30pm (Mon-Fri) / Dinner 6.30pm - 11pm (Mon-Sat) / Bar 12pm - Midnight

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