January 15, 2013

Grand Makan Session @ Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

The makankakis are back for another makan session! 

After an Italian experience in November (read here), we are back to our familar chinese food for December. All 120 of us gathered together at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck on a Wednesday evening for the Makansutra's Grand Makan Session of 2012.

Each month's makan dinner is a boisterous affair and this month is no different. Each month people will feast on food and get high on wine and this month is no different. Each month, people will be late for dinner and this month is no different. Haha yes, the familarity of it, month after month.

Being extremely tired from having very little sleep the night before and tummy was rumbling from being hungry, I was very grateful when this medley of appetizer was placed in front of me. This signals the start of dinner. Finally. Yay!

The Crispy Pork Belly has a nice crackling with a good balance of fat and thin meat. I wish to have more of it. The little pillow of Home-made Beancurd Roll is a brilliant piece of joy. With the thin and crispy deep fried skin enveloping the soft beancurd mash, it gives a very nice textural contrast in every bite. I love it. The Marinated Jellyfish with Spring Onion is cool and crunchy. Tasted okay, well, just okay. I can do without it.

One of my favorite dish of the evening goes to the Scramble Egg White with Phoenix Prawns in Truffle Oil. Resting on the bed of smooth scramble egg white is a fresh and succulent prawn. The addition of truffle oil elevates the light and simple dish into a richer level.

The presentation of this Deep-fried Sea Perch Fish Fillet can be improved. Not exactly aesthetic appealing, the dish's saving grace is the tender fish which goes well with the preserved olive in ginger and shallot sauce.

The dish we have all been waiting for makes its appearance ~ Imperial Treasure Signature Peking Duck! For a restaurant to name itself as Super Peking Duck, the duck had better taste super! Under the skillfulness of the chef, the whole roasted duck was carved in front of us and ready to be served in no time.

So here it is, the highlight of the meal! The duck slices here is served with both skin and meat, wrapped in homemade pancake together with chives and crunchy cucumbers sticks. There on my plate also lay one piece of the roasted thin crisp skin. The best part, but just one piece, have to treasure!

Here's another dish which is lacking in the presentation department. But wait, looks are so deceiving! The Braised Chinese Spinach with Mushroom in Minced Sauce taste a lot better than it looks. It has a very homely taste and I had a sudden thought of having a bowl of warm white porridge to go with it lol. I enjoyed this lightly flavored dish a lot.

Next up is Wok-fried Fragrant Jasmine Rice with Seafood in Abalone Sauce. Wrapped in lotus leaf, it was opened and portioned at the side table before being served in individual bowls to us.

Warm, soft and a bit mushy, it was an acceptable bowl of carbs, but pales in comparison to the next carbs dish which we had, which is......

Fried Mee Pok with Peking Duck Meat! This is another of my favorite dish of the evening. Mee pok, the yellow and flat noodles, is stir fried with slivers of meat from the remainder Peking Duck which we had earlier. Evidently from the picture above, you can see that the noodles is translucently thin. What you cannot tell, is how very springy the noodles is. I can attest to the fact that the QQ textured noodles is very well stir fried, moist and with no hint of oiliness. I love this! Yummilicious to the max!

Two desserts, one warm, one chilled. I was busily taking photos as always, when I was reminded by Catherine to eat the Steamed Malay Soft Cake before it turns cold. Soft with a custard center, I'm glad I tasted it at its best while it was still warm. The Chilled Diced Aloe Vera with Mixed Fruits has a subtle citrusy lemongrass flavor, which I greatly welcomed as a palate cleanser. Dinner ended on this refreshing note.

As with every dinner, it will not seem completed without a couple of bottles making its rounds.

Yum yum yum..... Seng! Here's a toast to another great dinner! Thanks to Andrew and Tony for organizing this month after month. They have been doing this for 11 years! KF Seetoh was there too and we played games like naming some crude sounding dishes which you can think of. LOL. I was seated at the same table as Camemberu, The Hungry Cow, Kopikosong Girl and Keropok Man. Despite being in a stony state most of the time, I enjoyed their company and one of the conversations even led me to set off in an Bak Kut Teh adventure a few days after. :D

So here I am, another month, another great makan session.....

..... and very soon, off I will go, to the next makan session in January, the 1st of 2013.

It's gonna be lo hei time! Stay tune yo!

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck
Address: 8 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 1, #02-08/09/10, Singapore 018960
Contact: +65 6636 1868

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  1. Hi Pinky Piggu, how does one join this monthly Makan Session? Is it open for ppl to join?

    1. Yes,it's open. Do check out the forum http://www.makansutra.com/forums/singapore/index.php