March 07, 2013

Street 50 @ Bay Hotel

Street 50 got its name because it's located at 50 Telok Blangah Road, right opposite Vivocity. And no, the restaurant and bar doesn't serve local street food, but a wide variety of global flavors ranging from Italian, French and American to Vietnamese, Indonesian and Singaporean. Understandably so, as it is situated within Bay Hotel. With such a diversified menu, there will be something to suit every traveler or staycationer. 

Street 50 also offers a very affordable 3-course set lunch ($18++ or $25++), which will probably appeal to the working crowd in the area looking for a good value lunch deal or quiet environment for some business discussion.

The Hazelnut Escargot (Half Dozen $14 / One Dozen 22), flambéd with brandy at the table, will make a showy start to any meal. Each little morsel is wonderfully aromatic and buttery, the result of being slow baked with hazelnut butter. Served intact in their shells, it's a bit of a struggle with the snail tongs and fork for me, but I kind of delight in the process of pulling the escargot out of its shells as gingerly as I could. Ahem, this is a personal challenge for clumsy me.

With a love for pasta and an insatiable craving for anything tom yam flavored recently, I waited in anticipation for the Tom Yam Flair ($18) to be served. Though generous with the seafood medley of crayfish, mussels, squids and scallops, this dish is sadly a letdown with neither the sourness or spiciness of an authentic tom yam experience. Have these two essential elements been purposely tone downed to cater to a wider audience? The spaghetti is also a tad overcooked and the overly rich sauce left a rather jerlat feeling after a few mouthful.

The Lamb Rendang ($24) fared a lot better! A whole lamb shank is served in a very robust rendang gravy which goes perfectly with the jasmine rice served on the side. Slow braised till fork tender and topped with some peas, carrots and broccoli, this a simply a delish dish which will make anyone forget about their diet plans!

What lies beneath this baked shell? ....

It's the Duck Pot Pie ($22)! Duck has never been the easiest of poultry to cook, and the meat here came across as a tad dry and chewy. A longer braising time might do it good. Still, this duck pot pie makes a hearty one-dish meal with the chunks and chunks of duck meat, very warm comforting wine sauce and buttery puff pastry.

The signature dessert at Street 50 is the Durian Pengat ($8) which is described as 'luscious durian pulp cocooned in crepe'. No, I do not like durians at all, and yes, I'm Singaporean, maybe a bit too pinky to be true-blue lol. With the aversion to durians, I had this Deep Fried Banana Fritters with Vanilla Ice-Cream ($8) for dessert instead. Not a bad choice, but I should have been more adventurous and try the durian pengat which has received positive reviews.

Thanks to Dennis She for his gracious hosting and Daniel Ang for extending the invitation.

Street 50 Restaurant & Bar
Address: 50 Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098828
Contact: +65 6818 6681
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun, 6am to 4am


  1. I prefer tasting Duck Pot Pie to Lamb Rendang. Thanks for sharing.RFS