April 12, 2019

Shake Shack Singapore Opens At Jewel Changi Airport! Expect Delicious Burgers & Singapore-Exclusive Menu!

The most anticipated F&B opening of the year for us here on our sunny island could possibly be..... Shake Shack Singapore!

Finally, the famed burger chain will be opening at Jewel Changi Airport on 17th April 2019. This is their first restaurant in South East Asia.

Let's say hello to Shake Shack's signature items including the ShackBurger, Shack-cago Dog, classic crinkle-cut fries, craft beer, concretes (frozen custard ice-cream), and... Singapore-exclusive menu! Yay!

Stepping into Shake Shack Singapore's spacious premises that spans over two levels with an ordering counter and ample seating space, its ambience doesn't really feel any differently from other fast-food joints.

This is where I had "felt it wrongly". Shake Shack should be categorised as a "fine casual" restaurant. It even has fine dining roots!

History goes back to more than 15 years ago when Shake Shack started as a humble hot dog cart in New York's Madison Square Park. Founded by famous restaurateur Danny Meyer of Union Square Hospitality Group, it operated out of Eleven Madison Park's private dining-room kitchen (voted #1 restaurant in the world in 2018) for 3 summers before opening a permanent kisok in the park.

That fine-dining heritage extends to the use of premium ingredients which are carefully sourced and prepared.

When we bite into a Shake Shack burger, we can be assured that the beef patty is made from 100% all-natural Angus which is vegetarian-fed, humanely-raised, and verified with no hormones or antibiotics. Each burger is also freshly-cooked upon order.

The fries are crinkle-cut with zero artificial ingredients, and the vanilla and chocolate frozen custards use only real sugar, no corn syrup, and milk from diary farmers who pledge not to use artificial growth hormones.

Menu prices are definitely reasonable considering the quality that we're getting.

Here are some of the highlights you can look forward to:-

  • ShackBurger (single $9.20 | double $12.70) ~ An all-time signature cheeseburger that comes with medium-grilled US Angus beef patty with lettuce, tomato, savory secret ShackSauce sandwiched between potato buns
  • SmokeShack (single $10.90 | double $14.90) ~ Cheeseburger with all-natural Applewood smoked bacon, chopped cherry pepper and ShackSauce
  • 'Shroom Burger ($10.80) ~ Crisp-fried portobello Mushroom filled with melted Colby Cheese, Monterey Jack, and Tilsite Cheese, and topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce
  • Shack Stack ($14.30) ~ The best of both worlds which marries the ShackBurger and 'Shroom Burger
  • Shack-cago Dog ($6.50) ~ 100% All-natural beef hot dog split topped with relish, onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, sport pepper, celery salt and mustard.

To be honest, I don't really fancy the Shack-cago Dog ($6.50) as it was a tad salty for me but thankfully, after the not-so-impressive start, it was all happiness from then on.

The ShackBurger (single $9.20 | double $12.70) might looked pretty ordinary just like any other cheeseburger, but a bite into it immediately revealed its winning formula! The beef patty was juicy, and tender with an ideal doneness, coupling perfectly with the soft, pillowy potato bun, melted cheese and crisp freshness of the lettuce and tomato slices. Not sure what went into the secret ShakeSauce, but it was tasty! The entire combination was - in one word - delicious! If you're a Shake Shake virgin, I suggest you lose it quickly with this burger.

I would also highly recommend the 'Shroom Burger ($10.80). No meat, no problem, as that heart-melting medley of Colby Cheese, Monterey Jack, and Tilsite Cheese oozing out of the crisp-fried portobello mushroom when you bite into the burger is already more than satisfying! Don't forget that #cheesepull moment photo haha! Here's mine lol.

Best to wash down all these grub with Fifty/Fifty (small $3.50 | large $4.50), a refreshing half lemonade, half iced tea that is freshly-made daily, or ShackMeister Ale (12oz $9.50 |16oz $13.50), a bright exclusive brew by Brooklyn Brewery otherwise known as the ShackBurger's best friend.

Finally, do not miss the Singapore-exclusive Pandan Shake ($7.80) blended with pandan, coconut, and topped with gula melaka crumble, as well as Concretes (single $7.50 | double double $9.50) in flavors of Jewela Melaka, It Takes Two To Mango, and Shack Attack featuring chocolate brownies from our local Plain Vanilla Bakery, and 60% cacao chocolate from home-grown Singaporean bean-to-bar Lemuel Chocolate.

Will there be a queue to get into Shake Shack Singapore? You bet!!!

Shake Shack Singapore
Address: 78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport #02-256, Singapore 819666
Contact: Not available
Website: https://www.shakeshack.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shakeshacksg/
Opening Hours: Daily 10am-10pm

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and nett. Information is correct at point of published date.

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