January 02, 2019

CNY 2019 @ Jade Restaurant, The Fullerton Hotel ~ Celebrating The Year Of The Pig With An Auspicious Grand Feast

I love the food at Jade! To say that I'm happy to be back at the Cantonese restaurant to try their Chinese New Year dishes is quite an understatement.

For the upcoming the Year of the Pig, Jade's Executive Chef Leong Chee Yeng has specially-crafted six festive menus. The most sumptuous of it all has to be the 8-course Grand Fullerton Golden Feast 富丽豪华金猪宴 which features delicacies such as lobster, suckling piglet, caviar, and bird's nest.

It was a "WOW" moment when the Special Piggy Edition Gold Rush Yu Sheng was brought out.

Artfully-arranged to resemble a cute piglet using julienned pink and white radish, and the prosperity toss dish is generously topped with lobster, Austalian abalone, Norwegian salmon, as well as housemade Champagne jelly with edible gold leaf. Honey pineapple sauce tied the luxurious platter deliciously with its sweet and tangy note.

This is one yu sheng that made me crave for more.

It's double happiness in one bite as my teeth sunk into the Braised & Roasted Pork Belly with Steamed Mantou that has pork belly prepared two ways and paired with soft, warm bun.

Crispy Suckling Piglet Skin with Caviar is another absolute delight.

For the Grand Fullerton Golden Feast, diners have a choice of two different types of fish: Prosperity Stir-fried Sliced Red Grouper or Full of Luck Deep-fried Chilean Seabass with hawthorne sauce.

There are many more highlights including the Poached Preserved Vegetable & Mushroom Pork Dumplings which are shaped like ingots and streaked with natural beetreet juice for an auspicious red colour, richly-flavored Pork Tripe Soup spiked with a dash of Hennessy XO cognac, and Fragrant Wok-fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausages prepared with five different grains - brown rice, buckwheat, oat, barley and mushroom crispy rice.

Dessert are just as decadent! The Hot Eight Treasures Soup with Tang Yuan is packed with red dates, dried longan, lotus seed, snow fungus, chia seeds, peach gum, luo han guo, and dried persimmons, and we even added a shooter glass of Bird's Nest double-boiled in rock sugar into it.

Baked Golden Pineapple Piglet, and Baked Yam Paste Nian Gao Tart rounded off the CNY feast on a super gratifying note.

The 8-course Grand Fullerton Golden Feast 富丽豪华金猪宴 is priced at $2,388 (for 10 persons). Orders should be made two days in advance.

Jade’s Chinese New Year menus start from $118 for Family Style Set Menu (6 persons and above), and $88 per person for Individual Set Menu and Vegetarian Set Menu, and is available from 21st January to 19th February 2019.

View menus here

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