February 05, 2017

Mak's Noodle Singapore Launches NEW, The BIGGER, The BETTER Menu! Branches At Centrepoint, Westgate & Vivocity.

Opened since July 2015 in Singapore's Centrepoint, Mak's Noodles is certainly a welcoming addition to our local wonton mee scene with its classic, springy Hong Kong-style noodles paired with prawn dumplings.

With a strong emphasis favoring quality over quantity, the Michelin-starred Hong Kong brand has been known for its dainty portions during its early days in Singapore.

Thankfully that has changed for us with heartier appetites! The recent introduction of five new local dishes provides premium ingredients and larger noodle portion.

The BIGGER, the BETTER? Yes, I think so!

What's new: Braised Abalone & Dumpling Tossed Noodle ($14.80), King Prawn Tossed Noodle ($13.80, available only in Centrepoint outlet), Shitake Mushroom & Fresh Prawn Wonton Noodle Soup ($7.90), Shitake Mushroom & Fresh Prawn Wonton Noodle ($8.80) and Vegetable in Soup ($5.80)

While the accompanying ingredients for each noodle dish are different, the core sauce remain mostly the same, with the exception of the King Prawn Tossed Noodle which has sprinkles of prawn roe powder added.

That savory touch certainly brings up the flavors to an another level! The huge prawn was pleasing in both aesthetics and taste.

Very importantly to me, a good bowl of wonton mee consist of three crucial aspects:-

1. Springy "QQ" noodles with a subtle touch of alkaline "kee" taste which defines oriental noodles.

2. A seductive mixture of sauce for dry version, and a good, clear broth for soup version.

3. Lastly, flavors and taste should be light and balanced to make it a suitable dish for anytime of the day.

Mak’s Noodle scores well.

What PinkyPiggu and I enjoyed most: Noodles are thin and cooked to an ideal springy texture.

For the dry version, noodles are coated with a light, tasty sauce. While the "kee" taste was a tad strong and prominent, personally for me it was neither overwhelming nor distracting.

Those who are sensitive to the "kee" taste may want to consider the soup version as it is reduced greatly. Although the soup looked nondescript, it packed an unami punch which was probably due to the dried flounder used.

Love the wontons with silky smooth skin and fresh crunchy prawns encased within.

Though not a new item, the Tossed Noodle with Beef Brisket ($9) is also a worthy try. Full of robust goodness with hint of spices such as star anise, cinnamon and cloves, it paired harmoniously well with the light noodles. Much like Ying and Yang. It was perfect!

Mak's noodles' outlets at Centrepoint, Westgate and Vivocity are all located in shopping malls and easily accessible via mrt. Not too bad a choice if you're looking for a quick, satisfying and affordable meal option.

Mak's Noodles
Website: http://www.maksnoodle.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maksnoodle.sg/

Address: 176 Orchard Road, Centrepoint, #01-63/64, Singapore 238843
Contact: +65 6235 5778
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm

Address: 3 Gateway Drive, #02-06, Singapore 608532
Contact: +65 6250 3858
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #B2-27/27A, Singapore 098585
Contact: +65 6358 2582
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm

Prices are (1) Stated in Singapore dollars (2) Subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST (3) Correct at point of published date.

* Written by BFF, a guy who is desperately trying to find a balance while lost in the world of sights, sound and taste.
* Edited with additional inputs by PinkyPiggu
* Photos by PinkyPiggu

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