December 18, 2016

Renga-Ya Japanese BBQ & Steak Restaurant @ Chijmes ~ Best Of Beef Goodness From Hokkaido & Kagoshima

Gathering all the beef lovers! Rejoice, as yet another meaty option opens in the heart of town at Chijmes.

Remember its name - Renga-Ya Japanese BBQ & Steak Restaurant - for this is where you will find the best of freshly imported beef from the prefectures of Hokkaido and Kagoshima in Japan. As Renga-Ya is able to import whole cows, diners can look forward to a wide-range of cuts for yakiniku and steak.

Our evening and calories were certainly well-spent in the company of these amazing graze.

Lunch starts affordably with selections like Hokkaido Beef Hamburger ($24), Hokkaido Beef Steak Don ($24), Kagoshima Pork Katsu Curry Rice ($18), Beef Yaki Udon ($14) and Hokkaido Prime Beef BBQ Set ($19).

For dinner, do prepare to fork out a bit more moolah for the moo moo.

Ala-carte order of Hokkaido Ribeye starts at $59, while BBQ Beef Platters are priced from $69 onwards.

We thoroughly enjoyed starters such as the invigorating Squid Yuzu Jelly Watercress Salad ($12.90), hot crispiness of Handmade Beef Croquette ($4.90) and freshness of the slow-cooked Hokkaido Beef Tataki with Japanese Onion ($14.90), but these are like foreplay before the real deal.

It definitely succeeded in whetting our appetites for MORE.

"MORE" means a huge slab of Kagoshima Wagyu Tenderloin! All 300g of it! Size matters!

The Kuroge (black hair) A5 grade Wagyu is famed for its well-balanced fat marbling and full-bodied flavor.

Anticipation heightened as we watched the premium cut being grilled over the hot charcoal under the careful hands of our server who ensured it turned out to our preferred medium-rare doneness. She then cut the steak into both slices and chunks so that we can experience two different mouthfeel.

There was nothing to fault of that lovely charred outer, lending a gentle smokey flavor to the tender and juicy meat.

I practically ignored the accompanying in-house steak sauce, ponzu radish sauce and peppercorn sauce, as all the meat needed was a light sprinkling of salt to elevate the taste further.

Our beefy lust was further satisfied with the Renga-Ya BBQ Platter (300g, $89) which offers different cuts of meat from Hokkaido and Kagoshima, each part with a different texture and intensity of flavor.

My favorite has to be those cubes of luscious ribeye. What delectable bliss upon each chew!

If you're a non-beef eater but you're there with friends and wondering if you're gonna walk out hungry, fret not as Renga-Ya also offers other grills such as Kagoshima Pork Chops ($30.90), Lamb Chops ($32.90), Salmon Steak ($31.90) and Ocean Seafood Set ($99).

There are specialty dishes like Steamed Clams with White Wine ($13.90) and Cold Noodle Soup ($11.90) as well.

The nicely-chilled glass noodles in clear soup accompanied with thinly-sliced beef was especially delightful. Tip: Stir in some mustard into the broth to make it even more uplifting.

It was the perfect bowl to cool our bodies down after the session of sizzling hot meat.

For dessert, we had the Strawberry Snow ($10) which was made of finely-shaved frozen Hokkaido strawberry paired with condensed milk for a dash of sweetness. This came highly recommended and it lived up to expectations indeed.

Renga-Ya means "brick house" in Japanese, and its brick walls and wooden flooring does exude a warm and cozy rustic vibe.

Even though the premise itself isn't big, it is cleverly sectioned into several areas with distinct difference in furnishing and decor which made the entire restaurant more interesting.

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience at Renga-ya. I wouldn't mind coming back again for more of their beefy goodness.

Renga-Ya Japanese BBQ & Steak Restaurant
Address: 30 Victoria Street, #01-11/12 Chijmes, Singapore 187996
Contact: +65 6352 1966
Opening Hours: Daily Lunch 12-2.30pm / Dinner Mon-Sat 6pm-11pm, Sun 5pm-10pm

Prices are (1) Stated in Singapore dollars (2) Subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST (3) Correct at point of published date.

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