December 20, 2016

IZY Dining & Bar @ Club Street ~ Izakaya Serving Japanese-American Fare

Just as a girl need constant updates to her wardrobe, IZY Dining & Bar is all set for a re-launch of her brand and menu after 3 years since opening at Club Street. It's about time!

She now defines herself as a pop culture urban izakaya, serving Japanese-American fare and drinks in an edgy mod-industrial setting. While Japanese-American fare stereotypically bring imitation crab and substandard ingredients to mind, IZY counters the aforementioned with fresh and authentic ingredients.

We were also told that the price range has been reduced to promote a relaxed and casual atmosphere with no fret of high spending.

No fret of calories either, as I stared at the Bayan Cauda ($15) comprising of assorted vegetables accompanied with a warm white miso dip. This is salad redefined.

Just like the Sashimi (3 kinds - $38 / 5 kinds - $55), it was a tad too healthy for me lol.

I'm more interested in the variety of sushi rolls which is the focus of IZY's new menu. There are as many as 10 options, and the one which scores highest in terms of presentation would probably be the signature Japanese Nokke Roll ($32).

Just look at the heap of fresh uni (sea urchin), ikura, crab meat and negitoro (chopped tuna)! So over-the-top that it made our eyes popped wide open when it arrived at our table!

Pieces of maki roll is actually buried underneath, and the entire combination did give a kind of decadent satisfaction that overthrows any conventional sushi roll sensibility aside. The innovativeness is refreshing.

The IZY Roll ($16) and Crunch Roll ($12) with tempura shrimp would be the ones to try if you like your sushi rolls with a little crunch.

Some other highlights from the menu includes Foie Gras ($18) marinated with saikyo miso, Grilled Swordfish ($28) topped with parmesan and seaweed sauce, as well as Gyu Katsu ($30), beef cutlet that is deep-fried to an outer crisp yet retaining an inner rare doneness.

Buta Kakuni ($12) or braised pork had that savoriness which made one yearn for a bowl of rice to go with it, so did the Wagyu Tomato Sukiyaki ($28). The addition of Japanese tomatoes provided a sweetish tinge which balanced the richness of the simmered beef dish just nicely.

Must-order for me includes the Tebasaki ($12) or deep-fried chicken wings coated in sweet soy sauce, and Wagyu Truffle Don ($38)!

The latter is what I would describe as comfort in a bowl with slices of Wagyu beef that is Josper-grilled and served together with onsen egg over rice. It was topped with truffle slices, and the intense aroma suggested that some truffle oil might have been drizzled in too.

Each mouthful yielded moments of happiness which I wouldn't mind having over and over again.

Dessert selection is rather limited but there are interesting offerings such as Satumaimo ($15), a warm and cold combo treat of Japanese sweet potato with vanilla ice cream.

Besides the typical ice cream flavors of Matcha - Green Tea ($7) and Goma - Black Sesame ($7), we had the unique Strawberry Chili Sorbet ($7) too.

The spiciness of the chili did not hit immediately but left a very subtle lingering on the tongue. It was certainly invigorating especially after a full meal.

For you who like to drink, IZY Dining & Bar presents Kabuki Mondays ($60 per pax) with free-flow Japanese sake from 6pm to 9pm.

CACHE, a bar concealed behind a camouflaged wall at the end of IZY also serves modern and classic cocktails, spirits, sake and wine.

IZY Dining & Bar
Address: 27 Club Street, Singapore 069413
Contact: +65 9678 0027
Opening Hours: Daily Lunch 12pm-2pm / Daily Dinner 6pm-10.30pm

Prices are (1) Stated in Singapore dollars (2) Subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST (3) Correct at point of published date.

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  1. "Thank you" perhaps not proper use to IZY Dining & Bar for its promise to re-launch with brand items. hope these will be the newest recipe equipment. All alluring! RFS