December 02, 2016

dal.komm COFFEE @ The Centrepoint, Singapore ~ The Korean "Descendants Of The Sun (DOTS)" Café Has Arrived!

Big Boss! Song Joong Ki!!! <3 <3 <3

My excitement was embarrassingly undeniable when I got to know that dal.komm COFFEE will open its door at Singapore's The Centrepoint on 3rd December 2016.

I'd definitely be there!

For fans of hit Korean TV drama, Descendants Of The Sun (DOTS), dal.komm COFFEE is not at all unfamiliar. It is THAT café where leading actors Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo had a couple of memorable moments. Remember the scene where they briefly broke up? So heart-wrenching.

But even before dal.komm café gained international recognition as the "DOTS" café, it has already established itself as a trendy hangout in town with integration of music as a core theme.

The well-received coffee chain counts over 160 outlets across South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

Dal.komm in Korean means 'sweet'. It is also a combination of the two words, 'dal' from Danal (founding company) and the German word 'komm' (meaning come), to represent the phrase, 'come to Danal'.

Occupying a prime spot at level one of the shopping mall (facing the main road), dal.komm's premises is certainly prominent. And huge!

The expansive space is stylishly designed to exude an industrial pop vibe, and is decorated with speakers, gallery frames, and other music-themed ornaments.

At an end of the café is an area decked with a wall of lush foliage, which can be booked and cordoned off for private events and parties.

dal.komm's range of brews are customizable via a selection of three proprietary Arabica bean blends, K1 to K3, each with its own characteristic aroma and flavor.

K1: A pleasant, well-balanced blend that is recommended with milk to bring out its chocolatey undertones.

K2: Considered the lightest roast of the three, this is a little sweet with citrusy, acidic punch.

K3: Creamy and full-bodied, this is best suited for those who like their cup of joe rich and strong.

A K4 Dutch coffee blend will be available in Singapore at a later date.

We tried the blends in our favorite coffee drinks including Espresso ($4.50), Cappuccino (hot $6, cold $6.50) and Caffé Latte (hot $6/$7, cold $6.50/$7.5) and thought it were generally pleasing.

For something unusual, the Cube ($8.50) where blocks of frozen espresso (made using only K1) are suspended in temperature-controlled milk would be the one to try.

What captured my heart was ironically a non-coffee drink, the Mojito Black Vitali-Tea (hot $8, cold $8.50). The apple and lemon tea is infused with teabags that are specially sourced and blended exclusively for dal.komm. Flavored with lemongrass and mint, the cuppa was warm and comforting when we drank it hot.

I would imagine the cold version to be as refreshing as the Honey Grapefruit ($8.90), a chilled juice delight topped with fresh grapefruit and drizzled with honey.

One should not drink on an empty stomach (lol!!!), so the confectioneries lined it up just nicely. The Cruffin Matcha ($11.50) featuring "croissant-muffin" pastry topped with matcha curd, whipped cream and honey, was crisp with flaky layers upon each bite.

Injeolmi Toast Red Bean ($8.50), a warm sandwich of soft, chewy Korean rice cake and red bean paste coated in nutty soybean powder was equally enjoyable.

Savory options include Chicken Bulgogi Bricohe ($10) and Gorgonzola Pizza ($10). I'd probably return to try the latter because..... blue cheese is so dope!

Haha, and so are cherry tomatoes! The Cherry Tomato Bingsu (regular $10.90, large $15.90) would be my recommendation for its sublime uniqueness.

I was happily digging into the Korean shaved ice dessert topped with freshly cut cherry tomatoes when a tinge of saltiness hit the tongue. Only after awhile then we realized there is plum powder hidden within. It was a surprise that became increasingly addictive.

Neukkun Wolf and Hayang Rabbit, the iconic plushies from DOTS are also available for purchase along with other dal.komm merchandise such as mugs and tumblers at the retail corner. Or you can grab the cutey pair for a photo like I did :p

One can't help but feel that dal.komm COFFEE should have opened in Singapore a few months earlier when DOTS was at its height of popularity. It might have generated even more hype and fanfare.

Another feedback from our table was that prices are comparatively on the high side. I'm fine to pay a tad more for the beverages to experience a piece of Korean coffee culture, but perhaps not everyone would feel the same way.

Nevertheless, dal.komm COFFEE is a welcoming addition to the bustling Orchard Road. No Song Joong Ki but still ideal as a pit-stop in between shopping trips.

Update on 9th December 2016:

Just popped by dal.komm COFFEE to get a coffee and noted that prices for the Neukkun Wolf and Hayang Rabbit are now available:

  • Neukkun: $29.90 (small) / $89.90 (large), with minimum spending of $20 on food & beverages
  • Hayang: $29.90 (small) / $89.90 (large), with minimum spending of $20 on food & beverages
  • Purchase two small size dolls at $49.90 or two large dolls at $169.90

Well I know these are limited editions but still can't help but feel it's a tad costly. Not too sure about having to spend a minimum sum before I can buy the plushies too.

"What are they thinking?" Think my friend's sentiments summed it up just nicely.

dal.komm COFFEE
Address: 176 Orchard Road, #01-01/06 & #01-102/103 The Centrepoint, Singapore
Contact: To be updated when available
Opening Hours: Daily 9am-10pm

Prices are (1) Stated in Singapore dollars (2) Subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST (3) Correct at point of published date.

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