November 22, 2016

Kumoya @ Jalan Klapa ~ Japanese-inspired Dessert Café Karafuru Reborn With Savory Items

Karafuru? Kumoya? Same same but different.

Karufuru Desserts at Jalan Klapa closed down fairly quickly (a few months) after its opening last year and has recently re-opened at the exact spot as Kumoya. Though the management has mainly changed, its focus is still very much on Japanese-inspired desserts. The menu has expanded to include a couple of savory items as well.

My previous visits to Karafuru were literally sweet. This trip to Kumoya was made out of curiosity as I was keen to see if the current dessert offerings are still as sweet. Well, before I get started on that, one thing is for sure: The premise remains very chio and instagrammable!

Decor-wise, nothing much has changed actually. Minimalist look is retained and walls are still pristine white, broken only by the addition of two new colorful posters.

A flip through the menu revealed more. What's different? What's new?

For a start, there are no more alcoholic items as Kumoya is awaiting Halal certification. Will fans miss eclairs flavors such as the unique Ume Shiso or Marc De Champagne?

The eclairs are also notably smaller in size now. One bite, two bites, it's gone! Let's get another! For folks who like variety but with limited stomach space, this means..... can try more flavors in one go! Yay! Fortunately that does not burn too deeply into the pockets.

Each Petite Eclair is reasonably priced at $3, or get it at $8.50 for 3 pieces, $16.50 for 6 pieces and $31.50 for 12 pieces.

While chocolate-base flavors such as Hazelnut Chocolate and Blackforest might have a wider appeal, lighter citrusy selection like Yuzu is no less delightful too.

I still find the choux pastry crust not as crisp as I would like it, but was told that those which have a firmer structure probably had a lot of preservatives added.

We must must must get at least one of Kumoya's Signature Yoghurt Parfaits ($14.90/$15.90) and do a "pouring" shot. Camera eats first!

With such varied ingredients and pleasing color combinations in gorgeous plating, temptation got its hold over us, and we ended with three yoghurt parfaits! Pink Sakura, yellow Yuzu, and green Matcha! Each flavor is distinctly different and we like them all, albeit to varying degrees.

My heart have a soft spot for Sakura because it looked the prettiest in pink, but if one favorite must be chosen, the Yuzu stood out for its refreshing, zesty notes enveloping every mouthful.

The interplay of textures was delightful with house-churned yoghurt, yuzu soufflè cheesecake, yuzu pudding, bergamot curd, ginger sable, candied lemon peel, yuzu macaron and yuzu syrup.

Our guess is that Matcha should be the most popular amongst all because not only it can be enjoyed with the yoghurt parfait, it is also available as one of the flavors for the newly-added Sweet Pancakes ($14.90/$15.90). The other two are Tiramisu and Chocolate Banana.

The green tea flavor is now more pronounced compared to previous version, though I personally still find the offerings mostly leaning on the sweeter side.

Perhaps this is a reason why Savory Pancakes ($8.90 to $18.90) is introduced into the menu: To provide overall balance, and a more complete dining experience as well.

The deep-fried Tempura Soft Shell Crab and Karaage Chicken were well-executed, especially the latter which was full of juiciness and crunch at every bite. For diners who doesn't have a sweet tooth, these serve as good alternatives.

I wish the butter pancakes itself were more thick and fluffy, like the clouds. That would be befitting of Kumoya, which means "house of clouds" in Japanese.

We loved the concept of Karafuru, and Kumoya is undoubtedly an improved version. Though the execution of what we've tried was not 100% perfect to our liking, it was nevertheless decent and very promising.

Will the desserts and food at Kumoya fly us to the clouds someday? We shall look forward to it!


Address: 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320
Contact: +65 6297 3727
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu & Sun 12pm-10pm / Fri-Sat 12pm-10.30pm / Closed on Mon

Prices are (1) Stated in Singapore dollars (2) Inclusive of GST, no service charge (3) Correct at point of published date.

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