May 28, 2016

Steam Box 蒸好食创意蒸汽火锅店 @ Serangoon Gardens ~ Hong Kong's Steam Hot Pot Trend Arrives In Singapore!

The constant growing competition amongst the local F&B establishments have brought along a slew of innovative ideas and concepts to whet our appetites. One such concept to currently hit our shores is a twist on the traditional steamboat we are so accustomed to.

Located within Serangoon Gardens is a new establishment called Steam Box which aims to introduce the latest Hong Kong food trend of allowing customers to steam their food themselves. Say hello to a new DIY steam-potting era!

During the steam-potting process, a wide variety of raw ingredients such as poultry, seafood, vegetables and dim sum are quickly cooked using high pressure superheated steam, thereby preserving the natural flavors and juices. It takes just two to six minutes for a dish to be cooked!

To guide customers in determining the optimal cooking time for each dish, Steam Box incorporates an innovative system of colored plates and electronic timers, with clear instructions printed on the table.

Next to sashimi style of eating, I believe steaming pays the highest compliment for bringing out the freshness of the ingredients. Seafood cooked in this way has a very clean and sweet taste to it.

Some highlights were the Crayfish ($25), Barramundi Fish ($18), Chef Marinated Bamboo Clam ($18) and Fresh Clam ($13). The freshness and quality of the ingredients were further enhanced when paired with a wide variety of sauces provided such as the housemade Sambal Sauce, Seafood Spicy & Sour Sauce and Black Pepper Meat Sauce.

Unlike normal steamboat whereby flavors are added during the process via the broth, steaming is a very neutral cooking process, therefore meats are typically marinated prior to cooking.

Chinese-style Ginger Chicken Thigh with Wolfberry ($4.50/$9) and Minced Pork with Premium Salted Fish ($4.50/$9) are some of the marinated meats served. Again the flavors of the marinate are brought out by the cooking process. Diners opting for lighter flavors can choose their Premium Iberico Black Pork ($9/$18) or Premium Short Ribs Slice ($8/$16).

For more variety, there is also a range of dim sum including Siew Mai ($4.20), Prawn Dumpling ($4.80), Prawn Rice Roll ($5.20) and even Creamy Egg Custard Bun ($4.80)!

To wrap up and complete the meal with some slurpilicious carbs, be sure to choose either the Top-grade Grain with Century Egg, Pork Rib & Parsley ($15) or Top-grade Grain with Clam, Dried Scallop & Ginger Slice ($18). 

Selection of porridge will have to be done before the start of the meal due to the unique cooking process whereby the super heated steam before reaching the main ingredients, is use to cook the porridge. The porridge pot would than serve to catch the juices from the ingredients dripping down during the cooking process. 

Bowls of porridge consumed during the end of the meal ensured that we were completely happy and satisfied before leaving the establishment.

A little drawback could be the hassle of constantly having to open and close the steam pot lid, a task that would naturally fall upon the only guy (I'm a gentlemen!) or the most "motherly-type" girl at a table. Smoke also clouded our eyes literally, and our faces had a steaming session as well.

Still, Steam Box is a very enjoyable and interesting twist to usual steamboat we all enjoy. Notably for diners who are on a salt restriction diet, this cooking process ensures a very healthy choice for them.

With the clear guided timing instruction, it ensures that no meat will be found cooked half-raw. No worries of overcooked or "forgotten" pieces of prawns missing deep in a typical hot pot broth either.

We are happy with the overall experience at Steambox and would encourage you to give it a try.

Steam Box
Address: 68 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555964
Contact: +65 6281 6939
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 11am-3pm & 6pm-11pm / Sat & Sun 11.30am-11pm / Closed on Mon

Prices stated are in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST.

* Written by BFF, a guy who is desperately trying to find a balance while lost in the world of sights, sound and taste.
* Edited by PinkyPiggu
* Photos by PinkyPiggu

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