May 26, 2016

Antoinette Fetish Matcha ~ For You Who Like All Things Matcha!

It's the Antoinette Fetish Matcha campaign!

Yes, you've read it right. Antoinette is having a bout of fetish for anything matcha. From 27 May to end-July, the restaurant is presenting its first 'fetish campaign' aimed at delivering full-sensorial, ultimate experience for lovers of matcha.

If you like all things matcha, the 22 creations using high quality green tea powder from Nishio, Japan are for you. Selection includes hot items, cakes, pastry, confectionery and drinks. Wow!

So green! Even non green-eye monsters will be super green with envy!

"These fetish campaigns allow me to explore the potential of each ingredient to its limits," says Chef Pang. "My guests will encounter tastes and sensations they've never experienced or imagined."

Indeed. Though I like matcha, I was overwhelmed!

To let you have a better idea of what the Fetish Matcha experience entails, here is the list of items available:-

Hot Items

  • Matcha Pancake ($15)
  • Matcha French Toast ($16)
  • Matcha Crepe ($18)
  • Matcha Pasta ($26)

  • Matcha Chocolate Rice Crispies with Marron Glace ($12)
  • Matcha Swiss Rocks ($11)
  • Matcha Truffle ($2.50 / $18 for 9pc box)
  • Yucha - Yuzu & Matcha Ganache ($2.50 / $18 for 9pc box)

  • Matcha Financier ($2.50)
  • Matcha Cake ($3)
  • Matcha Orange Almond Tuile ($9)
  • Matcha Almond Shortbread ($2.50)
  • Matcha Croquant ($12)
  • Matcha Croissant ($6)
  • Matcha Milk Jam ($9)

Cakes / Macarons
  • Matcha Macaron with Mango Jelly ($3 / $16 for 6pc / $32 for 12pc)
  • Yucha Butter Cake ($8 / $75)
  • Matcha Strawberry Shortcake ($9 / $55)
  • Matcha Pop ($9.50)

  • Matcha Latte ($22)
  • Matcha Soda ($8)
  • Matcha Yuzu Lychee Iced Tea ($12.50)

If you can round up a few friends to indulge in this matcha fetish with you, do check out the La Carte Fetish Matcha which is specially designed for 4 people at $190. The set will let you try most of the matcha items on the menu. ($5 will be donated to Singapore Children’s Society with every set ordered).

For the not so ambitious, my advice is to focus on a few items during each visit.

Standouts for me includes the fluffy Matcha Pancake with subtle touch of green tea powder, the utterly addictive Matcha Almond Tuile with contrasting textures and flavors, soft and moist Matcha Strawberry Shortcake, and definitely….. the Matcha Pop!

Looking deceptively like a Magnum ice cream, the Matcha Pop is in fact a popsicle of matcha cake with white chocolate and matcha ganache enrobed with milk chocolate and roasted almonds. What an exquisite multi-textured experience of crunchiness, softness, and sweetness in a single bite!

An interesting savory dish is the Matcha Pasta, in which green tea powder is mixed into the dough. The hand-cut pasta is then garnished with more matcha powder on the side, along with marinated kombu and sakura ebi. I had expected the matcha flavour to be more intense, but was greeted with the wondrous earthly flavors of the morel mushrooms and black truffle paste instead. Certainly unique and rather enjoyable.

The highlight of it all is undoubtedly the Matcha Latte! Just look at that huge cloud of cotton candy hovering over the matcha latte! Steam from the cup will melt the ‘ cloud’ which will then ‘rain’ sugar into the latte. We were more enthralled by the sight and cameras were clicking away furiously lol.

At the end of the matcha fetish session, I was asked if I have any flavour fetish currently.

I only have one answer in mind: HONEY BUTTER!!!

Will I get to see a honey butter fetish happening at Antoinette soon? wish… Wish…WISHING…


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Prices stated are in Singapore dollars, and subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST for dine-in or 7% GST for takeaway.

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