November 03, 2015

Hairy Crab Delicacies @ Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Paragon Orchard ~ An Indulgent Crustacean Affair

More hairy crabs? Yes, yes, give it to me! Must indulge in this autumnal specialty while it's still in season, else will have to wait for another year!

A much anticipated annual affair, Crystal Jade's An Indulgent Crustacean Affair - Hairy Crab promotion is currently on and will end 30 November this year, or while stocks last.

It is well-known that hairy crabs are coveted for its golden creamy roe and delicate sweet flesh. At Crystal Jade, these crustacean delights are specially imported from Yang Cheng Lake in China, and bigger specimens are selected for their abundant roe.

I was at Crystal Jade Golden Palace to savor the sumptuous 7-course Hairy Crab Set Menu ($118 per person) which features a host of dishes starring the prized delicacy. The items are available ala-carte (prices indicated below) as well .

Kicking off the meal was the Deep-fried Spring Roll with Hairy Crab Meat and Prawn Ball Platter ($24 for 4 pcs) paired with blueberry sauce. Deep-fried food are always pleasing, and even more so when it's executed to delectable crispiness and brimming with slivers of hairy crab meat, mushroom and onions.

This was quickly followed by a bowl of Braised Shark's Fin with Hairy Crab Roe ($35 per serving), which lined our tummies with warm lusciousness, and further whetting our appetite for what's next to come: Steamed Hairy Crab ($42 per 175 to 199g piece)!!!

Undeniably the best and most classic way to savor hairy crab, steaming allows us to taste its innate flavors au naturel. The warm roe were exceeding smooth with a creamy, buttery-like consistency. It is for this reason why male crabs are chosen over the female (usually a tad firmer and denser) to be served at Crystal Jade.

But what made this hairy crab experience especially memorable was the Chilled Hairy Crab with Chinese Wine ($45 per 175 to 199g piece). It was my first time trying a chilled rendition, and I must say this could very well be my favored version moving forward.

Prepared by gently steaming over a low fire till almost cooked, the crabs were then steeped in Hua Tiao wine for 5 hours to bring out its finest flavors. Every bite was repleting with the heady aroma of the wine and sweet burst of crustacean freshness. Superb!

The yang (warmth) properties of the wine is also said to balance the ying (cooling) effects of the crabs and has been a traditional pairing for centuries.

More goodness came in form of Steamed Hairy Crab Xiao Long Bao ($6 per piece) which we bite open to reveal a generous filling with an umami-rich crab stock.

Simmered Seasonal Vegetable topped with Hairy Crab Meat ($42) and Braised Abalone with Sautéed Assorted Vegetables rounded up the rest of savory courses, and we ended on a most lovely note with the dessert of Glutinous Rice Dumpling in Ginger Soup.

Crystal Jade's An Indulgent Crustacean Affair - Hairy Crab promotion is currently on and will end 30 November this year, or while stocks last.

DBS/POSB card members get to enjoy:
  • 7-course Hairy Crab Set Menu for $98 (U.P. $118)
  • 10% off Hairy Crab ala-carte dishes.
  • Valid till 30 November 2015, not applicable on eve of/and public holidays.

Available at Crystal Jade Palace, Crystal Jade Golden Palace and Crystal Jade DINING IN. Only for dine-in and while stocks last.

For more information on outlet locations, please log on to

Crystal Jade Golden Palace 翡翠金阁
Address: Paragon Shopping Centre, 290 Orchard Road, #05-22, Singapore 238859
Contact: +65 6734 6866

Prices stated are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

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