November 20, 2015

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier @ Armenian Street ~ A Bistro For Hearty French Fare and Wine. Love Their Foie Gras Terrine!

True to its name, Le Bistrot Du Sommelier is all about bistronomy and wine discovery.

The French bistro has been serving up hearty French fare, along with a selection of carefully curated wine since its inception in year 2008 back at Prinsep Street.

Its current premises at Armenian Street houses a lovely rustic-looking main dining hall on the ground level, and a rillette bar on the upper floor which offers patrons a fun, informal place to nibble on delicious charcuterie that are made in-house.

I was never a huge fan of charcuterie and it was only in the recent years that I start to appreciate it.

Collectively referring to meat products that have been cured, salted, smoked or otherwise prepared to be kept for some time, it includes pates, terrine, rillettes and hams.

We tried the Mackerel Rillette ($9.50/100gm) and Country Style Pork Terrine ($18/150gm) which are best savored with pieces of sliced baguette.

Both charcuterie suited my palate decidedly well, but it was a bite into the Duck Foie Gras Terrine ($26/100gm) that jerked me into excitement mode.

Its distinct flavor was of utmost satisfaction, coupled with texture that was buttery and melted with such gentle tenderness. The toasted brioche partnered perfectly with its warm, delightful crisp.

After eating at least 33 different types of foie gras dishes in Singapore, I can tell you without hesitation this duck foie gras terrine is one of the very best our island has to offer.

Besides regular entrees such as Baked Escargots ($15) and Picadilly Sicilian Tomato Salad ($19), the chef do come up with seasonal offerings as well, such as the Black Figs Salad ($19) in which the fresh fruit is interestingly stuffed with blue cheese and drizzled with walnut dressing.

Most of the other items on the menu which I tried were enjoyable too, though not to the point of being unforgettably impressive.

The main dish of Onglet de Boeuf ($32) uses the onglet (French for hanger steak) which is known as the "best inexpensive steak" as it offers full beefy richness without the higher price tag of premium cuts like ribeye. Pan-seared to a nice brown exterior with just about the right doneness, the meat was nicely complemented with savory sweetness of the shallots and garlic confit.

Filet Mignon de Porc, Saucisson a lail et 'Papet Vaudois' ($65, serves 2 pax) featured two sizable pork tenderloin and home-made garlic pork sausage. The hearty portion suggested that it's meant for sharing. A dish that is well-received among all at our table.

Desserts are definitely not to be missed, especially the wondrously fluffy Souffle a la Noix de coco ($25, serves 2 pax) of coconut souffle served with coconut ice cream. Poached Reine Claude Plum ($14) served with bread pudding and vanilla ice cream was another brilliant seasonal offering.

For you who are looking for a value meal, Le Bistrot du Sommelier's Prix Fixe Lunch ($35) with choices for each course of starter, main course and dessert would be the one to go for. It allows diners to get a complete meal without compromising on taste, quality or service level, a window to what a full dinner experience would bring.

Mine was good, hope yours will be too :)

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier
Address: 53 Armenian Street, Singapore 179940
Contact: +65 6333 1982
Opening Hours: Restaurant Mon-Sat 12pm-2.30pm & 6pm-11pm / Rillette Bar Mon-Sat 12pm-12am

Prices stated are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

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