August 22, 2015

Catalunya Singapore @ Fullerton Pavilion ~ Awesome Weekend Brunch! Must-Try!

Every time I passed by Marina Bay, I couldn't help but be in awe of the sight of our beautiful iconic structures against the skyline. One building called Fullerton Pavilion always stands out in particular. I always thought it look like an UFO floating atop the waters of Marina Bay!

It is in this unique glass-encased dome that Catalunya, a contemporary Spanish restaurant and tapas bar, is nestled. The spectacular view setting couldn't be more apt for indulging in some wine and dine.

For us, it was a case of dine, dine, and more dine (no wine for us teetotalers lol) as we parked ourselves there for 3 solid hours (from 12.30pm to 3.30pm!!!) on a Saturday afternoon, pampering our palates and tummies with over 40 Traditional Spanish Brunch Dishes from Catalunya's Weekend Brunch With Passion ($98++ per person).

Even though pampering came at a not-exactly-cheap price, the lovely ambience, excellent food quality and friendly, attentive service made it an absolutely worthy splurge. There's even a resident DJ spinning upbeat tunes, bringing forth a convivial vibe to the house. Our dining experience was altogether lovely.

My friend was late but while waiting, I wasted no time in taking a bit of almost everything from the free-flow assortment of Antipasti, Fresh Salad, Cold Cuts, Hearty Stews, and selection of Cheese that is displayed around the bar.

I don't care if people noticed that I made multiple trips to the bar or if l appeared to be gluttonous, I just want to enjoy the sumptuous spread that was in front of my eyes haha! We especially enjoyed appetite whetting Gazpacho, refreshing Charcuterie, as well as the Beef Stew for its fork-tender meat and hearty flavors.

But wait, that's not all! Guests can also order from the brunch menu where items are prepared ala minute, such as the Bikini, not the swimsuit but a simple yet worthy sandwich combination of Iberico ham, cheese and truffle. There is also a vegetarian version with zucchini, cheese and pesto.

Not in the world would I give the Estrellados a miss. With a choice of fried or scrambled egg, the freshly-cooked warm goodness is served over a bed of soft potatoes, ham, chorizo and mushrooms. Certainly my kind of comfort food.

Spanish Omelette is another favorite dish of mine, but the rendition here at Catalunya is quite beyond our expectations.

Specially created by the acclaimed chef Ferran Adrià of elBulli fame, it is a deconstructed version with layers of onion, egg yolk and potato foam served in a martini glass. All the essential elements of Spanish omelette are there, evoking familiar flavors of the well-loved traditional dish, yet caressing our tongues with contemporary textures in every spoonful. Thoroughly sublime!

If we thought that was the best, the best has really yet to come. As much as we reveled in the unlimited flow of delicious grub, the advice would be to exercise some restraint and pace yourself, because at 1.30pm..... out comes the main dishes!

The Catch of the Day was flambéed and deboned and portioned at our table. Adequately tasty, but the fish was a tad dry. What was done exceedingly well was the Seafood Paella. Full robust flavors infusing each rice grain of perfect consistency with just the right level of moisture, and succulent seafood. All the right boxes are ticked.

As the music level turned up, out came the servers as they moved to the tune with trays of Segovian Suckling Pig in their hands! The golden-brown piglets were soon swiftly cut with just the use of a plate, demonstrating the skin's crispiness and meat's tenderness. Plates which were used for the cutting were then smashed to the floor, a tradition which is supposed to throw away all the bad luck.

(Watch the video on PinkyPiggu's Instagram @pinkypiggu #pinkypigguvideo)

It wasn't another hour before the servers came out again in flamboyant style with an array of Desserts, signaling the finale to the fabulous weekend brunch.

The feast at Catalunya filled us with lots of delectable food and gastronomy happiness. This is the best (delicious) way to enjoy the weekend with friends and family. Very awesome!

The Catalunya Weekend Brunch is available on Saturdays & Sundays from 12.30pm to 3.30pm, and is priced at:

  • Adults: $98++ per person, additional $48++ for free flow alcohol, coffee and tea.
  • Children (between 4 & 9 years old): $40++ / Free of charge for children below 4 years old

On every last weekend of the month, all guests stand a chance to win a complimentary pair of seats to the Weekend Brunch at the Bingo Game.

Address: The Fullerton Pavilion, 82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049327
Contact: +65 6534 0886
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-12am / Sat-Sun 12.30pm-12am

Prices stated are subjected to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

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