May 20, 2015

Happy Mookata @ Sunset Lane ~ Eat All You Can Ala Carte Buffet At Only $25.90nett!!!

What makes you happy? Happy Mookata maybe? At just $25.90 nett per person for an ala-carte buffet of Thai traditional BBQ, I believe it has made many tummies and wallets happy in a way :p

It was a Wednesday evening when I walked past the lure of $1 buffalo wings day at Smokey's BBQ, and headed straight for my intended dinner destination, Happy Mookata at Sunset Lane. Focus, focus, because a delectable spread is waiting.

Admittedly, I almost chicken out from coming because Happy Mookata's seating is mostly alfresco. Can you imagine having a meal over fire grill in our passionate Singapore weather? I can't, and ended up hiding at the only table within their air-conditioned indoor comfort.

But I was later told that friends who have dined at the outdoor area find the ventilation to be comparatively better, and if you're lucky, there might be soothing breeze on top of the ceiling fans as well. In any case, I would suggest you to wear light clothing, and get ready a hair band to tie up your hair.

If you need to further cool yourself or wash down the meal with some beverages, home-brewed Thai Iced Milk Tea is available at $2.30 a cup.

The drill is simple for the buffet feast: Indicate the items you want on the order chit, the servers will bring the raw ingredients over, coat the dome-shaped skillet well with luscious pork lard, grill and eat away!

For you who are famish and or if itchy mouth need to munch on something while the food gets cooking, the mookata buffet also includes a host of Fried Food such as Thai Fish Cake, Tom Yum Prawn and Popcorn Chicken.

Ingredients available for our barbequing pleasure includes meats like Chicken, Pork and Beef marinated in garlic or black pepper, as well as Pork Liver and Luncheon Meat (why no pork belly? :( )

Prawn and Squid are the only two items in the limited seafood selection. If you like stuff like Hotdog (me! me!), Crabstick, Fishball, Egg Toufu, Mushroom, Cabbage, the buffet is the perfect opportunity to go for unlimited orders of everything.

This PinkyPiggu belongs to the type who will whack all the meat at any barbeque or steamboat! My pick at Happy Mookata went to the Garlic Pork, thoroughly well-seasoned and utterly tasty with whiffs of aromatic garlic after a grill on the heated skillet. It may not looked much, but satisfied much!

We also had multiple refills of the broth, slurpilicious with lots of cabbage and egg tofu. *Burp*

As with any buffet, there is an innate tendency to order almost everything on the menu, and so we did! Haha! Are we greedy? Probably yes, because we did not know what to do with the raw egg. Drop it into the soup? Or.....?

With an ingenious thought, we cracked the egg over the skillet and attempted to cook a sunny side up! It turned out to be quite a success! The trick is to surround it with meat to prevent the yolk from sliding down. Anyone else done it before too?

If I wanna be picky, I would want my mookata over charcoal grill, instead of the electric grill which Happy Mookata uses. For hygienic reasons, I also wish for tongs to be provided so that we wouldn't have to use the same disposable chopsticks for both raw and cooked items.

Happy Mookata may not offer the best of quality meat, nor excel in terms of ambience. But if you're talking about having a decent value-for-money meal in a clean environment and with fairly good service, this place is hard to beat. You may agree to disagree, I will just fill up my tummy happily :p

Happy Mookata
Reservations: +65 93809028 / +65 8113 0774

Sunset Lane
Address: Blk 106 Clementi Street 12, #01-46, Singapore 120106
Opening Hours: Daily 2pm-10.30pm

Golden Mile Tower
Address: 601 Beach Road #01-55D, Singapore 199589
Opening Hours: Daily 6pm-3am

Teck Chye Terrace (Opening June 2015)
Address: 21 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545726
Opening Hours: Daily 6pm-6am

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