May 25, 2015

Grand Park City Hall Hotel ~ Indulge At Park Offers Long Weekend Tunch & Asian BBQ Buffet Dinner!

I thought I had already sworn off buffets in consideration of an alarming horizontal growth, but why oh why must the Grand Park City Hall's Asian BBQ Weekend Buffet Dinner sound so tempting? The spotlight is on barbeque delights grilled ala minute, in addition to the scrumptious lineup of Asian, local and continental fare.

Okay, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, and and and, we need to eat dinner anyway right? So off we go!

Grand Park City Hall is very conveniently situated near City Hall Mrt Station, right in the heart of town. Set within its beautiful and airy atrium is Indulge At Park, a 200-seater all-day-dining restaurant where we enjoyed the buffet dinner.

We arrived pretty early, and the crowd has yet to descend upon the delightful buffet spread that was waiting. I made a beeline to the adjoining garden courtyard, that's where the BBQ station is and where the "smoke gets in your eyes, hair, everywhere" deed will take place.

Thankfully, we have a dedicated chef doing the barbequing. I wonder how he has been enduring the heat. I hope he is paid well.

For us patrons, all we have to do is to relax and enjoy. The menu for the Asian BBQ Outdoor Grill features a variety of fresh meats and seafood including: Salmon Steak, Tiger Prawn, Lobster, Scallop, Oyster, Australian Lamb T-Bone, Boneless Chicken Thigh, Spanish Pork Belly, US Beef Flat Rib, Australian Beef Striploin Steak. I wish there are chicken wings too!

After we have made our selection, we can lather on any of the Special Spice Blends and Sauces to season the meats to our personal taste preference before handing it over to the chef for grilling. Options include: Tandoori, Homemade Sesame Oil, Malaysian Sambal, Korean Gochujang Spice, Teriyaki, Hoi Sin Glaze, Asian Barbecue, Lemon Pepper, Garlic & Herb, Cumin & Salt.

While waiting for our grilled selection to be ready and sent to our table, we can start indulging in the ready-grilled items at the buffet line such as Grilled Lobster with Sambal Chilli Butter, Scallops with Tom Yum Butter, Tandoori Grilled Tiger Prawns, as well as Homemade John Dory Otak Otak and Beef Burgers with Gratinated Cheese.

I especially love those Grilled Pineapples, caramelized to a delightful slight char with amazing sweetness and juiciness!

Not to be missed too are the Thai Green Papaya Salad, Grilled Chicken in Pandan Leaves, Green Chicken Curry. For a taste closer to home, there are also Indian Fish Masala and Chicken Curry, best with Roti Prata or Roti John stuffed with sardines.

The Malaysian and Peranakan Specialties showcases the Chef's signature Penang Assam Laksa, Otak Otak, Penang Rojak and Kueh Pie Tee.

Also expect a Salad Bar, an array of Artisanal Cheese, Western Soups and Bread Rolls for Continental fare.

My only problem is I do not have sufficient tummy space to contain all that the buffet has to offer, but the number of well-thought choices ensures that there is certainly something suitable for every tastebud.

The highlight of any buffet for most people has to be DESSERTS!!! I actually heard of friends who would start with these sweet indulgence first. Any sweet tooth would undoubtedly be satisfied here with the assortment of Classic Cakes, Cupcakes, Macarons, Nonya Kuehs, Durian Pengat and more, all dainty-sized so that we can try a bit of everything. Do check out the do-it-yourself Chendol Bar too!

Eat eat eat all you can! Unlimited!

Besides the Asian BBQ Buffet, Indulge At Park also presents the Long Weekend Tunch which encompasses both lunch and tea favorites highlighting on regional Asian dishes such as Tianjin Pancake Roll, Hong Kong Roast Duck and Roast Pork, as well as Assorted Dim Sum.

The Long Weekend Tunch is served every Saturday and Sunday afternoon (12pm to 3pm) from now till 28 September 2015 at S$45++ (Adults) and S$22.50++ (4 to 12 years old).

The Asian BBQ Buffet is served every Friday and Saturday evening (6.30pm to 10.30pm) from now till 28 September 2015 at S$62++ (Adults) and S$32.50++ (4 to 12 years old).

Reservations can be made through +65 6432 5888 or

Indulge at Park @ Grand Park City Hall
Address: 10 Coleman Street, Singapore 179809
Contact: +65 6336 3456

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