May 12, 2015

+39 Gelato Bar @ Circular Road ~ Superb Pistachio Gelato! Must-Try!!!

Bingsu, Ice Cream, Ice Kachang, Snowflake Shaved Ice. Do we really need so many variety of icy desserts? In this hot and sunny island where we live in, the answer is definitely yes!

Add Italian Gelato that list, and more specifically, +39 Gelato Bar (named after Italy's country code) to one of my favorite places in Singapore for indulgence of the premium kind. I swooned over its delightful offerings faster than the passionate heat can swoon me.

Its premises at Circular Road behind the vibrant Boat Quay district is more stylish than the usual ice cream parlors, that is if you would even allow me to describe it as such. For the owners are exceeding proud of their gelato (not ice cream), and there are indeed differences between the two.

For a start, gelato has less fat (yay!!!) than ice cream as milk (rather than cream) are used in the preparation process. As gelato has less incorporated air, the texture is more dense and usually more flavorful too. The higher temperature which it is normally served also gives it a slightly sticky mouthfeel we love.

There is every reason to be proud too, as their all gelatos are made with a state-of-art machine from Carpigiani, the manufacturer of world-gelato equipment. +39 Gelato is said to be the first gelato boutique in the Asia Pacific to employ this machine.

Expect live demonstrations as ingredients will be mixed and frozen right before our very eyes. The guys "do it all day long" to ensure the gelatos are of optimal freshness. Can you feel their love in it?

I was also told that all the gelato flavors are 100% natural, made using high quality ingredients with no added flavorings, colors, preservatives or any chemical additives.

Flavors varied on different days, from the popular Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Vanilla to more exotic offerings such as Pineapple Flambé and Mango Sorbet.

Sounds impressive so far doesn't it? And how does it translate to the actual taste? My one word to describe it all: Superb!

The Pistachio flavor was undeniably my favorite, encompassing all that a brilliant scoop of pistachio gelato should have: Intense nuttiness that caress within my mouth with its creaminess and lingering fragrance before gliding down my throat with a velvety thrill. The flavor and texture were spot on! This is one flavor which you must definitely try!

Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut were exceedingly pleasurable too, and I love the refreshing fruity lightness of their Mango and Strawberry Sorbet. The alcoholic Aperol Sorbet, paired with Prosecco and a slice of orange, had teetotaler me gripped with intoxicating happiness. Waffles were aromatic and crispy, making it a great accompaniment to the gelatos if you're hungering for a more substantial dessert. The classic Affogato combination of Vanilla gelato and coffee was as desirous as always.

Prices starts from $5.50 for a single scoop of gelato, and $10 for a waffle with one scoop. Very affordable I would say, making the temptation to keep going back to +39 Gelato greater. Haha I will just succumb for more then, there is really no reason not to :p

+39 Gelato Bar
Address: No 29 Circular Road, Singapore 049385
Contact: +65 65320380
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-11pm / Closed on Sundays

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