November 27, 2014

Atmosphere Bistro @ Parkland Green, East Coast Park

East Coast Park could possibly be Singapore's most popular coastal park, with barbecue pits, chalets, dining attractions, as well as amenities for sports activities drawing in families and friends looking for recreation and relaxation, especially on weekends. Now, let's add café hopping to the list!

The newly revamped section (next to carpark C1) serves this purpose well. Aptly named Parkland Green, it hosts a couple of food and beverage outlets, including Pick Me Up Café, St Marc Bakery & Bar, SandBank, Patro's Sports Bar & Restaurant, and Atmosphere Bistro.

We visited Atmosphere on an early Friday evening and was blessed with moments of pleasing greenery and sea view completed with lovely breezes, before a sudden heavy downpour started. I had expected the bistro to be half-full considering the weather's inconvenience, but surprisingly the sprawling space was filled up with dinner crowd in no time. Guess the casual and laidback ambience of Atmosphere could be its strongest pull factor.

In keeping with its slogan "two atmosphere, one space", Atmosphere caters to families in the day with its bistro offerings and at night, it transforms into a bar catering to an older crowd with live screenings of sport matches.

Their extensive alcoholic drinks list would probably impress with its variety of cocktails, beers, spirits and liqueurs. Being a teetotaler, I quite enjoyed my few sips of the now-trending frozen beer slushies from Kirin Frozen Beer ($13 per pint) range which comes in sweet, fruity flavors such as mango, cranberry and lime, but my more serious beer-drinking friends thought it lacked the malt flavor a good beer should have.

As always, I'm more keen on seeing what Atmosphere has to offer in terms of food. The usual suspects of western perennial favorites showed up our iPad screen menu. Even though we ordered just one selection from each category of soup, appetizer, pizza, pasta, burger, main courses and platter delights, our table ended up with more food than imagined because the portions were quite hearty.

Bad for waistlines, but nibbles such as Truffles Fries ($8.80), Sesame Chicken Wings ($9.80) and Sausage Platter ($19.80) with char-grilled bratwurst, chipolata and sun-dried tomato sausages, were great for sharing over conversations with friends. Though their less than spectacular taste did not make our tastebuds swooned with delight, they fared a notch better in comparison to the bland Seafood Aglio Olio ($14.80) which needs a much heavier hand in seasoning.

We were recommended the baked Miso Salmon ($18.80) which was a welcoming healthy protein option but it could perhaps do with a shorter cooking time to retain a more succulent bite. Other signatures includes the enjoyable thinly-crusted Flaming Pizza ($22.80) topped with a medley of prawn, salami, capsicum and assorted mushroom, and Baby Back Ribs ($19.80) glazed with citrus BBQ sauce but the latter failed to deliver the expected fall-off-the-bones tenderness.

The Atmosphere Burger ($22.80) was the one item which drew astounded gasps from the table. Oh my goodness! So humongously stacked with pork, chicken and turkey patties between sesame charcoal buns, it left us wondering how should we even start attacking it. Quite a challenge. Try it if you dare, though I must give you a little cautioning that the burger looks more exciting than it taste.

Having the Molten Lava Cake ($11.80) with a cup of impossibly cute 3D latte art Café Latte ($5) to end dinner were good choices. Atmosphere Bistro may not have performed best in the culinary arena, but scored highly in terms of great seaside atmospheric dining. Promising as a place to chill out, all it needs is some improvement in food.

Atmosphere Bistro
Address: 920 East Coast Parkway #01-25/26/27, Singapore 449875
Contact: +65 6440 9705
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 5pm-12am / Fri & Eve of PH 5pm-1am / Sat 11.30am-2am / Sun & PH 11.30am-1am (Closing time subject to changes due to LIVE sport screenings.)

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  1. Its a good choice to end dinner with Molten Lava Cake. As cliché as it sounds, it's like my body thanks me every time I down a glass of green juice. I firmly believe the combo of exercise and Green drink have jump started a wonderful healing process for me.