November 20, 2014

Australia's Popular PIE FACE Arrives In Singapore! Find It At 313@Somerset and Bugis Village!

Pie Face was a very familiar "face" when I was in Sydney earlier this June. The popular Australian micro-bakery café chain has a presence of more than 80 stores around the world, so perhaps you'd like to imagine how many outlets they have in their "home-ground" alone. Pie Face is new in Asia though, the two recently-opened stores at Singapore's 313@Somerset and Bugis Village marked their first foray into this untapped market.

At the risk of sounding like a food snob, admittedly, I did not feel the lure to try out Pie Face's pies while in Sydney because it's everywhere (erm... too common like Old Chang Kee in Singapore?). I'd rather use my limited tummy space to check out the numerous indie cafés instead.

Btw, I love Old Chang Kee okay! My friends can attest to how often I eat it! Lol!

But upon my return to Singapore and learning that pies are Australia's favorite comfort food and Pie Face's popularity is not without delicious reason, I refrained from kicking myself in the butt because it means I have to wait for another year until I visit Sydney again and stuff one of those pies into my mouth. Oh what have I missed? But guess what, the pies made their way to me instead hehee.

The outlet at 313@Somerset is located in the basement food haven, with a huge counter right at the entrance with an enticing display of pies. It's convenient to grab a pie or two to eat on the go, or pack a box to share with family or colleagues. But to enjoy the warm pies at its optimal best, nothing beats getting a table in the simply-furnished seating area and savour it right away.

My initial impression of the pies were how cute-looking they all are. Just look at those expressions! Would you bear to bite into those smiley faces or when it cheekily sticks out a tongue at you? But rather than just being random "edible emoticons", it actually denotes the different fillings within each pie.

Not only do I get to try the pies in Singapore now, I tried a lot of pies! Oh my goodness! A bit of overdosed, but but but, I found my favorite.

Chunky Steak Pie ($5.20) - Said to be the crown jewel in Pie Face's array, the combination of beef chunks and carrots that have been braised in a flavorful gravy, is an easy one to like. If only the beef can be more tender.....

Chicken & Mushroom Pie ($4.90) - My favourite! Love the pieces of tender chicken with mushroom in a thick and creamy gravy. This is like the classic comfort food in pie form.

Chicken & Peppercorn Pie ($4.90) - Another chicken meat offering, but with a hint of peppercorn.

Thai Chicken Curry Pie ($4.90) - This is Asian-inspired, bringing together chicken meat, carrots, onion, garlic and coconut milk. I thought the flavor wasn't very pronounced though, why not have something more distinctive such as Tom Yum instead?

Tandoori Vegetable Pie ($4.90) - A medley of carrots, capsicum and mixed beans in tandoori sauce for the vegetable lovers.

Flavors aside, the winning factor of the pies has got to be its puff pastry, which is not unlike a croissant. I later learned that the dough itself takes 3 days to prepare, and the kitchen team is required to fold the special blend of butter to create 48 layers. So much effort went into it. No wonder the crust was so crisp, flaky and fragrant!

The savory pies come in both Regular ($4.90-$5.20) and Mini ($3-$3.30) sizes. Regular ones would be good for a more substantial bite, mini ones would be good to indulge in several flavors at one go.

Sweet offerings such as Mini Pecan Pie ($3.30), Mini Lemon Pie ($3.30), Mini Chocolate Pie ($3.30), as well as a variety of pastries including Croissants, Almond Stick, Cheese Stick and Chicken Sausage Roll are also available. Best accompaniment would be a cup of coffee, brews such as cappuccino, café latte, long black, mocha and mocchiato starts from $4.

Wow! So many choices! My advice is: Just follow your tummy. Lol!

Pie Face Singapore

Address: 313 Orchard Road #B3-10, Singapore 238895
Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 10pm

Bugis Village
Address: 249 Victoria Street, Singapore 188034
Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 10pm

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