May 27, 2014

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar @ Dorsett Residences, North Bridge Road

Following our delicious dinner at Kok Sen Eating House, we decided we should chillax at a hipster café. Even though Cow has turned a year older, we are all still very young and... trying to be hip! lol!!! But we had no idea where we're heading to, as Cow just told the league to follow him. Only after some persistent asking, he then whispered to me, "we are going to Roosevelt's." "You are going to bring us to drink 'horsepiss'?!", I can't help but gave him this reaction haha. (There was quite a controversy sometime back when a local instagrammer commented that Roosevelt's coffee is worse than horsepiss).

Conveniently located at the ground level of Dorsett Residences right next to Outram Park mrt station, Roosevelt's is more of a diner and bar with an American influence, rather than a café, that offers all day dining as well as a wines, spirits and cocktails bar.

Its industrial chic decor may not be the most creative, but we were rather fascinated by the unique glass table which is supported on a geometric metal framework and has a racecar engine as its base. That's where we chose to sit, with a vintage orange Vespa 'parked' right next to us.

My cup of Latte ($4.80), brewed from a blend of Brazil, Ethiopia and Sumatra coffee beans, was rather thin and weak in body with an acidic aftertaste. Could be an acquired taste for most people I guessed, but BFF did find it "okay leh". (we have no idea how horsepiss taste like so there's no basis for comparison).

Though the coffee here might not have caught my fancy, there's always other choices of beverages such as the lusciously creamy Roosevelt's Salted Caramel Milkshake ($8), as well as tea, juices and smoothies to choose from, besides the alcoholic selection.

Roosevelt's dinner menu comprise mainly of salads, sides, burgers, mains and pastas. Popular all-day breakfast items such as Teddy's Big Breakfast ($23 - egg, pork sausage, bacon, mushroom, cherry tomato, toast) and Eggs Benedict ($16 - poached egg, smoked ham, hollandaise sauce, English muffins) are available till 6pm daily.

It's quite amazing we had tummy space for more food considering the heavy dinner we had indulged in earlier (maybe our mouths were just 'itchy' :p). The Truffles Fries ($10) was crispy and adequately perfumed with truffle oil, while the Fried Chicken Wings ($11) proved to be a delight as well with its golden-brown crunchy batter and meaty bite. It was seasoned in a blend of spices which proved to be very agreeable on the palate.

It's even more amazing that Cow can stomach almost an entire Teddy's Classic Bacon Cheese Burger ($20) all by himself! Okay lah, I did 'helped' him by tasting a minute portion. I would have preferred the beef patty to be juicier and the brioche bun a tad more toasted, but still, it's quite decent when coupled with crisp bacon and fresh lettuce. Not impressed, but not complaining either.

Though the Chocolate Banana Waffle ($12) lacked the ideal texture of a fluffy inner and crispy outer, the sweetness of caramelized bananas with strips of chocolatey goodness distracted us from the waffle's less-than-perfect execution.

Birthday must eat cake, so we ordered a rich and dense Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake ($8) for Cow. Roosevelt's does not provide candle so we suggested to place a tealight instead (can blow can already haha). Thanks to Roosevelt's for being accommodative and the pleasant service that evening.

Blessed Birthday, Leroy!

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar
Address: 331 New Bridge Road, #01-02 Dorsett Residences, Singapore 088764
Contact: +65 65383518
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 8.30am-10pm / Fri 8.30am-12am / Sun 8am-10pm

Prices are not inclusive of 10% service charge.

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