May 17, 2014

One Man Coffee ~ A Lovely Café Along Upper Thomson Road. Must Order Their Brioche French Toast!

Sharing the same shophouse unit as Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar along Upper Thomson Road is One Man Coffee, a lovely café which I've visited just recently. As Crust only opens from 5pm onwards, I thought it's a brilliant win-win idea which maximizes the use of premises and facilities, with both business benefiting from an ease in rental costs as well. But I almost thought my friend took me to the wrong place when I missed spotting the cafe's logo on the glass panel near the entrance lol! Crust's signage is much more prominent so keep a lookout for it if you're planning to visit One Man Coffee, which I think you should because this place is really such a gem!

Many would most probably label it as just another hipster café which are now popping up everywhere and every other day, but there is this unpretentious laidback allure about One Man Coffee that makes me want to return and spend a relaxing weekday afternoon there again. They do not stand out particularly in terms of decoration, but a simple sprucing up with some fresh blooms (thank goodness it's not those artificial ones) does add a little bit of charm to the well-spaced interior.

Perhaps the most eye-catching furniture piece would be the vintage-looking cabinet where a selection of pastries such as Almond Croissant ($4.50) and Salted Caramel Danish ($4.50) sourced from Bakery Artisan Original - B.A.O., as well as Vanilla Passion Fruit Cake ($7.50) supplied by Butter Studio are displayed.

We did not go for any of those bakes, but instead ordered a Gashouse Egg ($10) from the all day brunch menu at my friend's recommendation. Quite a fanciful name, but it's essentially a slice of bread hallow out in the middle to accommodate an egg, before cheese is layered on top to be baked till melted, and served with a side of bacon jam. My friend enjoyed this 'egg-in-the-bread' creation during his previous visit but mine was a tad underdone this time round. A telltale sign would be the translucent almost uncooked egg white, and overly runny yolk which spilled over to the table and made quite a mess.

Feeling somewhat disappointed and craving for a more satisfactory bite, I decided to go for the Brioche French Toast ($10) after seeing its photogenic shots on Instagram. So so so glad I did, for the French toast tasted even better than it looked!!! The thickly sliced brioche had my heart at first bite, enveloping me with its rich buttery eggy aroma. Its texture was moist and pillowy soft with a slightly crisp outer, complemented greatly by the crunch of candid walnuts, homemade berry compote and fresh cream. The whole combination was uber delicious! An absolute must-order!

Of course I did not leave without having a cup of Caffe Latte ($4.50) which was sufficiently bold in flavor without much acidity, while the other glass you see here is my friend's Macchiato ($3.50). Blends were from Strangers Reunion, and coffee specially brewed with beans from Melbourne's Axil Coffee Roasters are also offered periodically.

With a specialty coffee concept that focus on the art of espresso both as a brewing method and a drink, One Man Coffee see themselves as a small link in its long and rich tradition, having one barista crafting one coffee beverage for one person.

Good coffee and excellent french toast. I can't wait to be back again!

One Man Coffee
Address: 215R Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574349
Contact: +65 6456 1555
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-5pm

Prices are nett with no service charge and GST.

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