December 22, 2013

{Sentimental Sundays} Birthdays Are A Celebration of Life, And Being Thankful For The Life Given.

Yay! I've celebrated the day I was born for another year! Birthdays are always special because out of the 365 days in a year, it's a day when we can unabashedly be the center of attention and call it ~ My Day! LOL! It's also to remember the day when our mothers went through the pains of labour many many years ago to bring us into this world after months of nurturing us in their bodies. Though some of you might think that it's just another day in life and nothing special, but to me, Birthdays are a celebration of life, and being thankful for the life given.

Birthdays should be celebrated each year because you never know which is going to be your last. Lest some of you might think that I'm morbid to say this, let's face it, no one is going to live forever (not on this earth anyway). Rather than take life for granted and leave room for regrets, my family members always made it a point to find some time and celebrate each others' birthday no matter how busy we are. I'd never know if this year will be my last birthday.

We can't decide on where to eat for my birthday celebration, so in the end, my mum asked me, "You want me to cook Chicken Wings is it?" Lol! So I got my favourite wings in three variant no less, and Fried Bee Hoon too! Yay! Brother n sister-in-law bought me my favourite Strawberry Shortcake, and though this wasn't meant to be a surprise party or anything, they still did the surprise thingy - Lights were suddenly switched off while we were watching TV and brother came out of the kitchen with the lighted birthday cake, followed by everyone singing the Happy Birthday song for me hehee. Thanks to my dear family who always remembers and is always around. I can only say.. I'm blessed much.

December is also the month where I traditionally gain the most weight with endless rounds of feasting, not just because of my birthday, but also because it's a season when we commemorate the greatest gift of love who came down from heavens. It's Christmas ~ our Lord Jesus' birthday! Always a happy and meaningful season with lots of gatherings, I'm grateful to all of you my friends, who made an effort to spend time together. I also felt touched by all the birthday greetings, thank you for keeping me in your thoughts! It's not by chance that we've met, it's all God's coordination. Glad to have each and everyone of you in my life :)

Lastly, thanks Daddy God for breathing life into me and mum for the pain she went through to give me my physical body. I shall happily enjoy the earthly pleasures, before moving on to my heavenly treasures. 

Blessed & Happy Birthday, everyone! Enjoy your special day when it comes :)  

{Sentimental Sundays} is a Sunday series where I share my thoughts and feelings which may or may not be food related. This post is dedicated to my Daddy God and mum :)

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