June 16, 2013

{Sentimental Sundays} Blessed Father's Day, My Abba!

The third Sunday of every June is Father's Day, a day to pay tribute to all the wonderful fathers out there. I do not know the love of my own father, so the occasion is never celebrated in my family. Feelings of happiness were finally felt, only when he decided to walk out on us for good one day. But still, I wish very much that I have a father whom I can call 'daddy'.

I will forever remember the moment when my heavenly Father spoke to me. He told me I do have a father. He told me He has always been here with me, He has been my Father all along. My tears couldn't stop rolling back then. It was tears of joy, joy of being loved, a love which is given unconditionally by my Father.

Our Daddy God gave us his most precious Son, so that I can be His beloved daughter now. People always say, they found God. But when is God ever lost? The lost ones, is us. So I would say, God has found me. He found me and brought me home.

Today also marks the day when I've started serving in His house. Not the best, not the most melodious, but it's a voice He has chosen.

Thank you, my Abba! Blessed Father's Day! I L♥VE U!!!

{Sentimental Sundays} makes its debut with this post, a Sunday series where I share my thoughts and feelings which may or may not be food related. The 1st post is of course, dedicated to my Father :)

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