June 08, 2013

Mr J 義法廚房 ~ 周杰倫 Jay Chou's Restaurants in Taipei!

Excitement is in the air as 周杰倫 Jay Chou is now right here in Singapore for a 3 night concert ~ Opus Jay World Tour 魔天伦演唱會! At this very minute, he is breathing the same Singapore air, maybe also eating Bak Kut Teh (peppery pork ribs soup), a local delicacy which he is fond of. I can't wait to attend tonight's concert (June, 8), which is happening in another few hours. Who else is excited about it??? Definitely me!! Let's SCREAM!!!!

The multi-talents of Jay is well known not only among his fans. An accomplished songwriter, singer, producer, actor, director and plays several musical instruments like piano, guitar, violin, Jay can do it all. I love watching him play the piano. Guys who can play the piano look so charming! 会弹钢琴的男人很帅! Haha yes, I have a soft spot for them. I attended almost all his performances whenever he's here in Singapore, not only his concerts, but also for his appearances in shows like MTV Asia awards in year 2004. Anyone remembers that Jay performed at Toa Payoh Swimming Pool for the True Hearts Community Chest TV Charity Show back in year 2002? Haha yes, I was there as well. Gosh that was more than 10 years back! I have been loving his music for so many many years!

The entrepreneur spirit in Jay also saw him opening a few restaurants in Taipei. I'm sure all of you would have heard of Mr J 義法廚房, a French-Italian restaurant located within the premises of Taipei Medical University. The theme revolves around his movie 'Secret' (不能說的秘密), one of my favourite movies and I absolutely adore the songs from its soundtrack.

Decked with numerous Jay Chou pictures on the walls, the design of the restaurant is a combination of elegance and modern with sunlight warming up the entire high-ceiling space. The pièce de résistance is of course, the infamous piano from the movie itself. Do not be tempted to play the keys, unless you want to be transported 20 years back :p

With a cuisine that combines the East and West, infused with Chinese, Japanese and other Asian influences, the menu also includes Jay's own favorites such as three cup chicken which he has transformed into a pizza. I did not went for that but ordered other dishes like Smoked Duck Spaghetti, Escargot, Lamb Cutlet instead. The food, though not spectacular, were a notch up from the usual cafe offerings and were competently executed.

I went back for a revisit last year, bringing Alena who has not been to the restaurant before. It will be exciting for any first-time visitors, just think of all the photo opportunities! The decorations remained more or less the same, familiar songs from Jay's music albums are still playing non-stop in the background. We only had some drinks, saving our tummy space as we've also planned to visit the other Jay's restaurant in Guangfu South Road.

This is the very first Jay Chou restaurant in Taipei! Nestled in Guangfu South Road among the rows of houses, no one can argue that the its existence is not to capitalize on Jay's fame. Well it definitely works, drawing over fans like me. While the restaurant in Taipei Medical University focused mainly on 'Secret', the decorations of this branch changed periodically based on Jay's latest music and movie releases.

The presence of Jay Chou was felt everywhere, as soon as I entered the main entrance on level 1, up to level 2 where I had my meal, to the private dining room on level 3. The service staffs went on doing their job nonchalantly as I went around taking photos excitedly. They must have gotten used to countless diners doing this :p

I was puzzled initially as I greeted by a huge empty space as I stepped into the restaurant. Mystery solved as some commotion were heard as I was halfway into my dining. I looked down and recognized the piano from Jay's 跨时代 music video! The actual piano!! *squeal in extreme excitement*!! Some workers were moving the piano into the restaurant on that very day!

Needless to say, it's camwhoring time lol!! It was my last day in Taipei and I felt so happy that I got a chance to catch some shots with the piano the moment it was displayed in the restaurant!

This was the set lunch I was enjoying before I was distracted by the piano. Reasonably priced, the food were all beautifully plated and tasty.

Ordinary cakes seems special now with Jay's name written in chocolate sauce on the plate. *shakes head at myself for the endless gushing over Jay*

This is the area on level 1 where the cake counter stands.

I also couldn't  resist taking a photo at this corner where the pizza boxes are displayed. Pizza delivery anyone?

Mr.J 義法廚房 is a must visit for all Jay Chou fans when you are in Taipei. Sometimes, it's not about the food, but the entire experience! I'm definitely gonna check out the other Jay Chou themed restaurants on my next travel.... but for now, SEE YOU TONIGHT, JAY!!!!!!

Mr.J 義法廚房 (Mr J French-Italian Restaurant)
Website: http://www.mrj-tw.com/

Address: 250 WuXing Street. Taipei Medical University Taipei, Taiwan
Contact: +886-2-2377-9090

Address: No.43, Lane. 308, Guangfu South Road., Da-an District. Taipei, Taiwan
Contact: +886-2-2778-7833


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