June 10, 2013

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe ~ A Taste of Authentic Thailand in The Heart of Aljunied

Thai eateries are aplenty in Singapore, what makes one stands out from the rest? A taste of authenticity reminiscent of Thailand would be it.

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe prides itself for bringing Thai food in its most real and authentic way to us right here in Singapore, at Blk 115 Aljunied Ave 2, to be precise. From using charcoal for soup and steamed dishes to maintain heat consistency and quality, to importing teas leaves from Thailand for the signature Thai Iced Tea (S1.50), no efforts is spared. Mr Ron Poh, founder and owner of Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe feels that the extra hard work is worth it so that his customers can enjoy Thai food the authentic way.

It was quite a hot and sweaty 15 minutes walk with Daniel, Derrick and his girlfriend from the Aljunied mrt station to where Spicy Thai-Thai is located. I was expecting to find a cafe like what the name suggested, but found myself in a refurbished coffeeshop instead, which means... no air-conditioning!! *faintz*. I can only depend on my glass of Iced Lemongrass Tea ($1.50) to cool me down. It was utterly refreshing and prep my diluted appetite which was lost in the heat, up again for the coming dishes. Bring it on!

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe whips up a variety of zhi-char style dishes and delicious gems of Thailand which are not commonly found in Singapore such as Steamed Catfish with Thai Dressing, Thai-style Kway Chap, Salads with Fermented Crab/Fish/Salted Egg and Stir-Fry Green Curry Spaghetti. We were recommended a whole load of other dishes but decided to stick to the quintessential favorites best representative of Thai cuisine.

We ordered dishes such as Stir-fry Kang Kong with Chili ($8) and Tom Yum Soup Clear ($6/$14). The tom yum soup pleased with its generous serving of seafood like prawn, squid and sliced fish, as well as mushrooms. Do not be mislead by the clear broth, which holds the distinct characteristics of everything a good tom yum soup should be: hot and sour with fragrant notes of fresh herbs. I would personally prefer it to be spicier to level up the shiokness factor.

The Pork Salad ($12) is taunted as a must-try, so my expectations of it naturally increased. Stripes of BBQ pork neck, though tossed in an appetizing dressing, failed to satisfy even the carnivore in me as the meat is a tad tough.

Curries come in many varieties and one of my favourite is Thai Green Curry with Chicken ($8). Not known for any spicy properties, the gravy is slighty sweet with aromatic coconut milk. The pieces of tender chicken, eggplant and long beans are best enjoyed with a plate of white rice if you have no low carbs diet concern, and yes, do drench it with lots of the mild green gravy. I resisted the temptation to do so, but still enjoyed the curry tremendously.

This is an exceedingly good plate of Stir-fry Phad Thai with Seafood ($6)! It won the whole table over with its slight sweetness and rice noodles which were very well stir-fried, a taste similar to what you can get in Thailand. Delicious!

The Hommok Thai Style Otah ($15) is totally different from our local otah. Instead of a fish paste wrapped inside a banana leaf, what you get here is a creamy mash embedded with pieces of coconut flesh, a surprise element which made the dish even more interesting.

Who can resist chicken wings? Definitely not me! The BBQ Chicken Wings (4pcs-$6 / 6pcs-$9) was the last to arrive but I will always have tummy space for it. A tad overdose on the honey though, resulting in wings that came across as too sweet. But I find it still enjoyable.

Place some slices of fresh mango with glutinous rice, smother it with coconut milk and sprinkle over some toasted sesame seeds, you get the staple Thai dessert, Sticky Glutinous Rice with Mango ($6)! Yummy! The Thai Red Ruby ($2.50) is also an icy treat not to be missed.

Having a meal at Spicy Thai-Thai is very affordable with noodles dishes like Bee Hoon and Hor Fun starting from just $4.50 onwards, a price which is comparable to what you would normally pay for at most zhi-char stalls. It also offers Mookata (traditional Thai BBQ) and Jim Jum (Thai steamboat served in a claypot over charcoal fire) sets at merely $35. Very worth it I would say, considering that you get a variety of meat, seafood and vegetables sufficient for 2 to 4 pax.

Now, if only Spicy Thai-Thai gets itself some air-conditioning. If not, I will wear my t-shirt, shorts and flip flops, tie my hair up and prepare to sweat it out again during my next visit. Mookata or Jim Jum, anyone?

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe
Address: Blk 115, Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-35, Singapore 380115
Contact: +65 67478558
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpicyThaiThaiCafe
Opening Hours: 11am-12am Daily

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