September 20, 2012

Poulét ~ The Amazing French Roast Chicken is Really Amazing!

When one mentions French cuisine, one always think of duck confit, foie gras, escargot, stiff formal restaurant setting, steep prices... this mindset is slowly changing with the opening of more casual and affordable French dining establishments here in Singapore, latest being Poulét, located at level 4 of Bugis+ (formerly known as Iluma).

I decided to check out the place on a Friday evening and a queue was already snaking around the curvaceous exterior of the open-concept restaurant when I reached around 7pm. I was initially hesitant about joining the queue as I was hungry, but did anyway, as I was tempted by the sight of the roasted chickens from the open kitchen. A restaurant staff handed me the menu to browse through while I waited for a table. By the time I got it, I was sooooo ready to order!

Onion Soup ~ Caramelized French Onion and Fond de Veau served with Cheese Croutons (S$5.80)

Starting off dinner with a hot bowl of Onion Soup to warm up my empty tummy was a most comforting choice. French onions are caramelized and generously served in a rich tasting veal stock. Instead of being covered under a blanket of melted cheese, the soup is topped with cheese croutons. While not exactly traditional, this rendition is acceptably fine and nevertheless enjoyable.

Poulet Roti (S$15.80 half / S$25.80 whole)

With the big signage screaming "Amazing French Roast Chicken", it seemed like a non-question if I should order this star dish. I just have to find out for myself if it's really as amazing as it claims and it didn't disappoint!

The poultry is brined for a full day in a traditional recipe then placed in the rotisserie for a slow roast until the skin tans to a golden brown. The moment my knife cuts into the chicken, the meat just fall apart so easily and I know it's really tender even before I tasted it. True enough, every bite was tender, moist and extremely flavorful. Usually I would leave the chicken breast part aside as it's always too dry but this is so juicy, I finish everything off!

The amazing chicken is coupled with home-made mushroom chardonnay sauce for added oomph. The sauce is creamy without being too heavy and the button mushrooms is simply delightful. But still, I would prefer to enjoy the chicken just on its own to savour it in its all well-marinated tasty glory.

Tiramisu (S$7.80)

Tiramisu, the classic dessert made of mascarpone cheese, sponge finger soaked in espresso and rum syrup are layered and served uniquely in a glass container. Every spoonful of this tiramisu is moist with strong aroma of coffee and rum. Blissfulness bursting in every mouthful! The perfect end to my perfect meal!

With most of the items on the menu under S$20, this is affordable dining in a casual, comfortable environment. There are so many items I've yet to try and I'd be sure to be back for more!

Poulét @ Bugis+
Address: 201 Victoria Street, #04-12 Bugis+ (Former Iluma), Singapore 188067
Contact: (+65) 6509 9411
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm Daily


  1. I have read and heard so much about this new restaurant and I am going to try out their "Poulet Roti" and "tiramisu" can't wait for sat.

  2. Hi, nice blog you have here. How would you rate the Poulet Roti?

  3. Thank you! I'd give it 4.5 out of 5 :)