September 09, 2012

Barossa ~ All The Moo Moo You Want!

When my BFF whatsapp me one day and asked if I'm keen to purchase an online deal where I pay only S$35nett for a Australian Beef Buffet which includes a glass of red or white wine, my immediate reaction was YEESSSSSS!!! I mean, considering the usual price you pay for a steak and what the online deal offers, this is damn worth it right? BFF thought so too, so he bought not one, but two deals for himself lol. This would be his 2nd visit, 1st was with The Hungry Cow.

So, where is this moo moo buffet place? It's called Barossa, an open-air restaurant bar located at ground level of Esplanade, overlooking the waterfront. I selected a table under ceiling fan, took my jacket off (it was a warm evening) and was ready to order and EAT!!!

When we told the waitress we wanted all items on the buffet menu, she looked a bit stunned and asked "everything? you want everything served?" hahaha. Well, there's only 5 limited selection of prime cuts and sides each, so it's not really that much to share among 2 people right? We wanted to try everything first and then decide which ones are worth the calories for more servings. Surely, we're not the only ones who use this 'strategy' when it comes to getting the maximum value out of buffets. No?

Australian Prime Rib

The Australian Prime Rib stands out from the other cuts with its very tender and juicy texture! I'm surprised it's actually better than the Wagyu D Rump which tastes ordinary. One would expect the wagyu to be softer on the palate as it's supposed to have more marbling. Well, I'm not a food critic to give any professional verdict on this, but I enjoyed the prime rib most and it's BFF's favorite too. He also like the way the steaks are served on wooden boards as it helps to absorb the extra blood and moisture.

Here are some photos of the other cuts which we had too.

Wagyu D Rump

 Australian Ribeye

 King Island T-Bone

All our steaks were done medium rare. While being palatable, it's not really memorable nor spectacular to shout about. The slices also seemed to be thinner (compared to the usual serving at other steakhouses), but it's a good portion for us as we're able to taste all the different cuts on the menu without getting full too quickly.

There is a choice of four sauces to go with the steaks, namely (L to R) ~ Red Wine Sauce, Wild Mushroom Cream, Blue Cheese Sauce and Truffle Bearnaise.

Personally, I prefer my steak simply grilled with minimum seasoning of salt and pepper to savour the most of its natural taste. It's interesting to try it with sauces though, especially the blue cheese sauce which is my first time. I would say it's an acquired taste.

Braised Beef Cheek

The most repeated order of the evening was the Braised Beef Cheek. The meat and tendon simply melts in your mouth! The robust red wine stew made me wanna drenched some pasta in it and wolf it down. I was rather engrossed in our eating and gossiping bonding, I keep telling the waiter "can we have another of this please" before I realized we had already ordered 4 rounds lol.

Selection of sides which are included in buffet are Barossa Salad, Creamed Spinach, Sauteed Mushrooms, Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Tomatoes with Cheese. The Barossa Salad was a healthy companion to the sinfully rich meaty meal. I love the greens!

And if for whatever reason you can't eat/don't like steak, Barossa also serves other mains like chicken, fish, lamb, burgers, pizzas and pastas from their a-la-carte menu. Ooh and desserts too! I forgot to leave tummy space for desserts! Next time then!

Their long bar area is also a great place to chill out with friends or have some after-work drinks with colleagues. Beers are going one-for-one for all you beer lovers out there.

If you're feeling ravenous for steak, this would be the place to satisfy your craving.

Australian Beef Buffet - Usual Price: S$43.90++
Available on Wednesdays and Sundays, 6pm-10pm

Barossa @ Esplanade Mall
Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, #01-11, Singapore 038981
Contact: (+65) 6534 5188

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday lunch – 12pm – 3pm
Monday to Thursday dinner – 6pm – 1am
Friday dinner – 6pm – 2am
Saturday Sunday 12pm – 2am (Sat) 12pm – 1am (Sun).

Last orders for kitchen at 1030 Sunday to Thursday and 1100 on Friday Saturday with bar bites available till 1230.

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