September 25, 2012

Hatched ~ Hatching in Holland Village

On a drizzling lazy Sunday afternoon when half of Holland Village is asleep, there stood a bright, cheerful looking bistro with a "OPEN" signage beckoning the hungry piggu to come in and feed her tummy. The piggu opened the wooden door, peered inside, and realized she stumbled upon the land of eggs, eggs, and more eggs!

Yes, Hatched has opened a 2nd outlet at Holland Village, following the success of their 1st at Evan Lodge. They are now serving all-day-breakfast at a much more convenient location.

Kid you not when I say this is the land of eggs, eggs, and more eggs. Sunny-side-up, scrambled, poached, baked, or even an egg white-only omelette, you can eat it whatever way you fancy! This is an egg specialist heaven for egg lovers. The only 'egg' you can't eat here is the egg-shaped salt and pepper shakers :p

I took a long time to make up my mind. Flip, flipping and re-flipping through the menu, awed by the array of eggs and the selection of pancakes, waffles before finally deciding to give away this piggu's tummy space to Ben.

Sir Benedict (Just One S$13++ / Do Two S$19++)

Oops! I beg your pardon, make it Sir Benedict! Yes, the classic breakfast egg is such a favorite that it is being knighted here. The poached egg sits proudly on its throne of streaky bacon, smoked ham and half an English muffin, crowned by Hollandaise sauce.

The fork attacks! This is my favorite moment when the egg yolk oozes into a pool of gooey goodness. Competently executed, I wasted not a bit of it, wiping it clean to the very last. I regretted ordering just one, when I should do two.

I also enjoyed the side of homemade mash. Instead of just plain smooth mash, chunks of potatoes are added, which makes a brilliant combination of texture. The brownish thick sauce covering the mash has no esthetic appeal at all, but the fragrance of mushrooms emerged soon after I tasted it. Simply delish!

The Designer (S$12++ for 3 toppings, add S$1++ for each additional topping)

My dining companion is an interior designer who can't break away from designing lol. He decided to create his own omelette with chosen toppings of mushrooms, bacon and onion. I tasted a bit of the omelette and find it to be still creamy on the inside, just the way I like it. Other toppings which you can add to your omelette includes tomatoes, capsicums, cheese, bacon, ham and chicken chipolata sausage.

Cheese Fries (S$12++)

Ain't eggs lonely without friends? And so we thought. Let's have some chunky steak fries! It came smothered with cheese sauce, sour cream and bacon bits. Kinda disappointed with this, as the cheese sauce is too little and I prefer the fries to be more crispy on the outside.

Lychee Yoghurt (S$3++)
Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice (Regular S$5 / Tall S$7.50)

Hatched has the usual selection of coffee and tea. If you wish to have something caffeine free, there's always the fruity options. I'm glad I ordered the lychee yoghurt and grapefruit juice. Nothing fancy, but ending my 'breakfast' on a healthier note makes me happy :)

The whole place exudes cosy, chirpy and vibrant vibes with its wooden furniture, warm lights, cutesy eggs decoration. I can see myself coming back here again to enjoy 'breakfast' over a good chat with friends at any time of the day.

The hungry piggu is now satisfied. *pats tummy happily* :D
Which came first? The Chicken or the Egg?

Hatched @ Holland Village
Address: 267 Holland Ave, Singapore 278989
Contact: +65 64630012
Opening Hours: Tue - Sun 8am - 10pm

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