February 19, 2019

Baan Ying, Royal Square @ Novena - The Great Baan Ying Brunch Is Happening Every Weekend!

Most of our eyes will light up at the mention of... Buffet! Afterall, who doesn't like an abundance of food by paying just a flat price. Can eat and eat till we get our money's worth haha!

For this reason, we gathered one Saturday morning at Baan Ying, where the "The Great Baan Ying Brunch" is happening every weekend from 11am to 3pm.

We lost ourselves in an array of popular Thai favourites from the Land of Smiles without leaving Singapore.

The drill is simple: Pay $38.80++ per adult or $19.40++ per child, pick a choice of one main course, and help yourself to the buffet spread of 12 to 15 appetisers, sides, and desserts that's on rotation every week.

If you think no time is too early for drinks, free-flow of beer and wine is available at a top-up of $29.80++ for the entire brunch duration of 4 hours!

Baan Ying, (meaning 'House of Ying') started in 1999 at Bangkok's Siam Square, and currently have ten outlets in Bangkok. Singapore is their first overseas post.

The restaurant menu is a collection of founder - affectionaly called Aunty Ying - and her son, 'John' Songsorn Junsunjai's favourite dishes made from family recipes.

For the weekend brunch, the price includes one serving of main course, and we get to choose from Angus Beef Steak, Grilled Large River Prawns, Pan-fried Salmon Steak, as well as Bone-in Iberico Pork Chop (additional $9.80++).

My first thought was, "ehh the main course choices doesn't sound every Thai leh"....

But when our mains arrived, it is all served with a spicy fish sauce-based dip orignating from Isaan, North-eastern Thailand, homemade Thai seafood sauce, and lime wedges. The prawns are garnished with crispy lemongrass floss, and the salmon is topped with fried ginger.

Okay lah, got that "Thai feel" now.

There's four of us in our group so we ordered all the four mains to "share share eat". We unanimously agreed that the Iberico Pork Chop was the best choice.

Marinated with Aunty Ying's secret blend of Thai spices then pan-seared to achieve a subtle char, the pork was tender and had an enjoyable, juicy bite.

The beef was served in a standard medium doneness which was a disaster for us who prefer our beef less well-cooked. I wish the restuarant can be flexible in letting us choose our preferred doneness. Sadly, the answer was 'no'.

We got over the disappointment quickly as our focus turned to the enticing buffet line-up.

Highlights include Nam Prik - traditional Thai dip which is best enjoyed with raw and boiled vegetables like cabbage, winged beans, cucumber and Thai mini eggplant, and also the DIY Som Tum - Thai Salad Station where we can mix and match ingredients such as peanuts, dried shrimp, cherry tomato, long beans, and green papaya to toss with Aunty Ying's secret salad dressing.

There are also many substantial sides like Yum Woon Sen - Glass Noodle Salad, Mini Larb Moo Tod - deep-fried spicy meat balls, Kao Tung Na Tung - crispy rice with pork & shrimp dip, Mu Tod Nga - Baan Ying white sesame pork, on top of the variety of curries, soups, noodles and rice offerings.

If you're a salted egg yolk fan, you can look forward to Khao Pad Moo Krob Kai Kem - pork belly fried rice with salted egg if the restaurant happens to serve it during the day of your visit.

We left Baan Ying totally stuffed. That's how weekends should be :D

Baan Ying
Address: 103 Irrawaddy Road, Royal Square @Novena, #02-07, Singapore 329566
Contact: +65 9111 7852
Website: http://www.baanying.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/baanyingsg/
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-3pm (last order 2.15pm | Sat-Sun 11am-10pm (last order 9.15pm)

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST. Information is correct at point of published date.
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