October 30, 2017

Guide To New F&B Offerings At One Raffles Place!

Come lunch hour, the Raffles Place vicinity can be rather intimidating for those who are not familiar with the area. So many F&B outlets! So much people! So long queues everywhere! So little time! How how how?

An ideal scenario would be to know exactly what you want, and zoom in decisively to your choice of F&B outlets to minimize any aimless wandering, and maximum whatever precious time you have.

One Raffles Place
(directly connected to Raffles Place mrt station NS26/EW14) conveniently offers an array of F&B choices within one building. From breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to tea, coffee and desserts, the gormandizing needs for the whole day can easily be catered to.

With the opening of several new outlets during the recent months, the F&B offerings at One Raffles Place have become more attractive than ever.

Let's take a look at the highlights!

Amamoto Café

Unit #B1-39
Website | Facebook
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-9pm | Sat 8.30am-4pm

On days when something healthy, all-natural and refreshing is needed, Amamoto Café is undoubtedly the store to go to.

The take-away counter concept offers Amazake (Japanese for "sweet wine"), an alcohol-free drink made from fermented rice with no added sugar and additives. Not only is Amazake packed with special koji enzymes which offers a host of wellness and beautifying benefits, it is also lactose-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, making it incredibly suitable for those with dietary restriction. Good for all ages too.

Pure Amazake (350ml $6.50, 500ml $8) is delighful on its own, and we can also enjoy it in a selection of wholesome beverages including Flavored Soymilk (hot and cold, $3.80-$5), and Cold-Pressed Juice ($5.80-$6.80). We love the range of Chia Seed Parfait ($5.80) which incorporates Amazake with soymilk, chia seed, almonds and fruits like mango, kiwi and strawberry. So special and delicious!

For light bites, there is the Amamoto Salad ($5.80) which is served with unique Amazake-based dressing - yuzu, sesame, habanero pepper, garlic & onion.

April's Bakery

Unit #B1-38

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-7pm

There is a simple reason why April's Bakery has more than 60 branches in Thailand where it originated from: Its unique Cantonese-style pies are widely popular!

Thanks to their expansion into Singapore, and with stores situated in convenient locations like One Raffles Place, we no longer have to travel too far to get a bite of those sought-after pies. Though the appearance of the handmade pies is not exactly the most enticing, its freshly-baked aroma, crumbly crust, and soft custardy fillings are altogether lovely.

An assortment of flavors are available, including bestsellers like Thai Milk Tea, Green Tea, Purple Sweet Potato, and Taro with Ginkgo, interesting ones like Custard, and Sweet Egg Floss, as well as newly-launched offerings such as Tokyo Banana, Shitake Mushroom, and Vegetarian Barbecue.

Most pies are priced at $2 each. Do take advantage of the promotion: Buy 5pcs for $9 / 8pcs for $14 / 10pcs for $17.

Food Junction

Unit #05-07

Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-9pm

When in doubt of what to eat, Food Junction would be the best place to get some ideas.

From perennial local favorites such as Chicken Rice, Fishball Noodles, Ban Mian, Fish Soup, Herbal Soup, Claypot Rice, to crowd-pleasing Pasta & Baked Rice delights, Japanese and Korean cuisine, the 14 stalls located in the convenience of a foodcourt offers it all.

Stalls like Beauty Nuritious Soup (herbal soup), Pasta & Grains, Fitra Chicken Rice, Hua Chai Fishball Noodle, Hao Jia Ban Mian, Chai's Fish Soup are exclusive to One Raffles Place's Food Junction. You wouldn't get them elsewhere.

To sweeten up the meal, diners get to enjoy 20% discount on ala carte items from Monday to Friday 6pm to 9pm, and Saturday 8am to 9pm (terms & conditions apply).

Besides getting the tummy satisfied, those hankering for a drink or two will no doubt be happy to see the opening of Food Junction's first beer counter, Beer 93. Happy hour can start anytime with bottles of Asahi, Carlsberg, Kronenbourg and Somersby Cider in hand! Cheers to that!

Happy Tummy

Unit #B1-11
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm | Sat 9am-3pm

Happy Tummy made our tummies very happy with its spectrum of colorful salads and tasty wraps!

The healthy salad bar operates with a focus on incorporating local fresh ingredients into Soba/Pasta/Waffles Salad Bowls ($7.80 onwards), and Wraps ($10.80 onwards). We are delighted with the wide variety of fresh greens, delish meats and homemade sauces offered. Just pick your favorites and combine them to make your customized order. If time is a constraint, grab-and-go deli options are available as well.

Notable mentions are the meat which are sous-vide for better texture and consistency. Sauces are prepared in-house and there are 17 options to choose from. Their wraps (choice of wheat, tomato, spinach) are also very well-received.

Nutritious and refreshing, these are so perfect for quick lunchtime takeaways.

Jewel Coffee

Unit #B1-01
Website | Facebook
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-10pm | Sat 8am-4pm

Are you a coffee lover? Are you one of those whose day doesn't start until you get your coffee? Jewel Coffee is for you then.

The artisanal café offers single-origin coffee bean sourced from specific farms in top coffee-producing regions, and roasted locally. Two choices of beans are offered daily. Prices starts from $4.50 for Espresso, $6 for Flat White, and $7 for Ice Latte.

Besides the caffeinated beverages, Jewel also serves up hearty pasta dishes and light bites such as sandwiches and croissants as well.


Unit #B1-34
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-9.30pm

Going by the motto of "Eat Better, Not Less", Parallel brings Açaí Bowls, Smoothies and CMCR Specialty Coffee to the heart of CBD.

Açaí berries are known as superfood packed with beneficial antioxidant content, Vitamin A and nutrients, with high levels of fiber. Not only can it detoxify the body and help digestion, it can boost energy levels as well. Parallel offers all these healthy goodness in their Superstar, Antioxidant and Amino Açaí Bowl, available in regular ($8.90) or large ($12.90) size. There are no sugar or syrup added.

Parallel takes pride in its coffee too, offering Espresso ($4.50), Long Black ($4.50), Americano ($4.50), Flat White ($5), Latte ($5) and Cappuccino ($5) brewed with beans by Common Man Coffee Roasters.

Seattle Pike Chowder

Unit #B1-28/29
Website | Facebook
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-10.30pm | Sat 10am-8pm | Sun 11am-4pm

Widely-regarded as America's No.1 chowder, the award-winning Seattle Pike Chowder has set up another store at One Raffles Place. A bowl of warm, comforting clam chowder is just a ladle away!

Made with top-quality seafood and fresh vegetables, the chowders are handcrafted in small quantities to ensure perfect simmer. On the menu are New England Chowder, Smoked Salmon Chowder, Seafood Bisque, Louisiana Chowder, Fire Roasted Mushroom Soup, available in small 8oz ($8.90), medium 12oz ($11.90) and large 16oz ($14.90) serving sizes. There's a current limited offer of Free Gelato with purchase of Breadbowl Chowder Set ($15.90)!

Equally popular are their Classic Lobster Roll (ala carte $24.90 / 1 set for $26.90 / 2 sets for $50) and recently-introduced Truffle Lobster Roll (ala carte $31.90 / 1 set for $33.90 / 2 sets for $59.90) which features generous chunks of fresh lobster meat with golden-brown toasted bread.

Considering the lobster rolls' quality at such a reasonable price-point, I must say these are really value-for-money. Quantity is limited daily, so stop any hesitation and order them fast before they run out.

Another great not-to-be-missed offer at Seattle Pike Chowder: 5 bottles of beers are going at a special price of $35!

Twelve Cupcakes

Unit #B1-27
Website | Facebook
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm* | Sat 10am-4pm* | *or while stocks last

Twelve Cupcakes is not just about cupcakes, they have tarts and honey cakes as well!

Since opening its doors in July 2011, Twelve Cupcakes is synonymous for freshly-baked cupcakes that are handmade from scratch daily. The One Raffles Place outlet is also where their central kitchen is housed.

The lovely rows and rows of newly-launched Tarts (1pc for $4, 2pcs for $6) neatly lined up caught our eyes as we were nearing Twelve Cupcake's vibrant display counter. Of course we must give them a try, and were recommended the Apple Crumble, Chocolate Salted Caramel, Lemon, and Blueberry Cheese flavors. Great choices as the fillings were pronounced in taste, and crust was light and crisp.

There are new Cupcakes flavors too such as Raspberry Blackcurrant, alongside their best-selling Chocolate Chocolate, and Red Velvet.

These Halal-certified cupcakes and tarts are most ideal for takeaways as afternoon snacks, and to office tea parties, or any social gatherings as tasty treats for friends.

Urban Mix

Unit #B1-01A
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-8.30pm

Taste the world in a bowl? Urban Mix has made it somewhat possible through its affordable offerings that are inspired by the world's most popular flavors.

Signature bowls include Korean Gangnam Style ($15), Texas Cowboy ($15), Viva Mexico ($15) and LA Crossfit ($15). We were heads over heals with the yummy Korean Gangnam Style bowl that has kimchi fried rice as the base, and topped with pork belly, chargrilled chicken thigh, sautéed kimchi, soy beansprouts, pickled onions, sesame seeds, shredded cabbage and Korean ssamjang aioli. Flavors are robust, and portion is hearty. Oppa will say yes to this too!

For you who prefer to create your own bowl, Urban Mix provides an array of bases, proteins, side salads, toppings and sauces for customers to choose from.

What's your mix at Urban Mix?

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Unit #B1-13
Website | Facebook
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-8.30pm | Sat, Sun & Eve of Public Holiday 8am-5.30pm (Last dine-in order is half an hour before closing time)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast, the place for a taste of traditional favorites!

Hordes of office workers can be seen at Ya Kun's cozy space at almost any time of the day to "la kopi", which is pretty much an indication of the coffee place's popularity among the local community. It is not uncommon to see cups of irresistibly fragrant Traditional Kopi ($1.60 onwards) with accompanying plates of crispy grilled Kaya Toast ($2.40) spread with butter and homemade kaya (coconut jam) on each table.

Newer menu items such as the warm, soft and fluffy Steamed Bread with Kaya ($2.40), and Ice Blended Frostyz ($4.80-$5) in flavors of coffee, milk tea, mocha, and green tea are fast gaining a place in our hearts too.

One Raffles Place
Address: 1 Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
Contact: +65 6533 7557
Website: http://www.onerafflesplace.com.sg/
Mall Operating Hours: Daily 10am-9pm
Information Counter is located at Level 4

Information is correct at point of published date.

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* This entry is brought to you in collaboration with One Raffles Place.


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