September 02, 2016

Stellar At 1-Altitude @ One Raffles Place ~ Quality Food & Gorgeous View For That Special Night Out. Check Out The Limited Kokumi Constellation Menu!

Stellar At 1-Altitude
would probably not be an unfamiliar name.

Perched high on level 62 of One Raffles Place, the restaurant is synonymous with quality fine-dining while offering a spectacular view of Singapore's city skyline. Not surprisingly, it is the choice for many when it comes to selecting a venue for that romantic night out or celebratory occasion.

The reason for my visit was simple: I have to check out Stellar's 8-course Kokumi Constellation ($190++) menu which is available only for a limited period from now till 15th September this month!

What's the big deal about this menu, you might ask. Well, it is quite a big deal.

One: Inspired by many ingredients during his recent travel to Japan, Stellar's Executive Chef & Krug Ambassador Christopher Millar has specially crafted the menu in his signature progressive Australian-style with a focus on ingredients from Kyoto and Hokkaido.

Two: This is a special 4-hands collaboration with fellow Krug Ambassador, Chef Yosuke Suga, who started his 16-year career in the Joel Robuchon group, before leaving in 2014 to start Sugalabo, a highly coveted 20-seat restaurant in Tokyo.

But it wasn't until I tasted the Kokumi Constellation menu for myself that I was convinced it is worth going for.

The 8-course menu centers around "Kokumi", said to be the sixth flavor after umami, sweet, sour, salty and bitter. It also signifies the "mouthfulness"or "heartiness" sensation which is very much in tune with Chef Millar's belief in clean, flavorful ingredient driven dishes.

After a series of amuse bouche, our Kokumi gastronomic adventure began with Tea Ceremony, a warm, clear fish consommé that is light yet full of flavors.

This was followed by Hamachi that is served raw, exquisitely-presented with edible charcoal "fish net" and edible flowers. The layer of shoyu jelly that laid beneath was an interesting touch, adding texture and pleasant soy saltiness to the slices of fresh Japanese amberjack fish.

The Steamed Hokkaido Oyster Custard was all of delicious smoothness in every spoonful. Its delicate flavor is accentuated with a tinge of mild peppery note from the nasturtium leaves. For a uni lover like me, the topping of sea urchin was certainly welcoming.

Next up, another love of mine, Panfried Foie Gras! Beautifully-cooked to buttery creaminess and sandwiched between mochi brioche, we affectionately termed it the mini burger. My only wish is to upsize the serving to make it perfect! Lol!

The Banka Trout with ikura and coil of dehydrated carrot, as well as Grilled Japanese Sardine served with Momotaro tomato and parmesan was no less delightful, but when the final savory course of Josper Grilled Wagyu A5 Ribeye arrived, it easily took the spot as my favorite dish of the evening.

The cut is supremely well-marbled, each bite enveloping the senses with a luscious mouthfeel and gentle smokiness from the Josper grill. Edamame, orange anticucho sauce, purple sweet potato, mushroom, pickled and caramelized shallot complemented the steak brilliantly without stealing the show away. It was so easy to fall in love with this course!

Desserts are definitely not an afterthought at Stellar. Chef Jasmin Chew is considered to be one of the best pastry chefs in Singapore, and we had a glimpse of her talent and creativity through the last course of White Peach Lychee Sorbet with compressed peach, sauternes and berries.

The medley is meticulously assembled in a cup made entirely of ice and set on a wooden bark base, looking every inch like a rainwashed garden. So pretty! And with a lovely, refreshing taste to match too!

Finally, a Singapore flyer-like display stand holding little mint parcels (for us to cleanse our palates) made its appearance, signalling the end of dinner.

All in all, it was a satisfying dining experience at Stellar. We were all impressed with the carefully thought-out and well-executed menu.

Thereafter, we headed up to 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar, the highest alfresco bar in the world, for a feel of its energizing nightlife vibes. The 360 degree view of the city lights is certainly spectacular, concluding our evening on a gorgeous note.

Stellar At 1-Altitude
Address: One Raffles Place, Level 62, Singapore 048616
Contact: +65 6438 0410
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-2pm & 6.30pm-10pm / Sat-Sun 6pm-10pm

Prices are (1) Stated in Singapore dollars (2) Subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST (3) Correct at point of published date.

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