September 16, 2016

Butterknife Folk @ River Valley Road ~ Captivating Cakes, Gelato & More! Go Go Go!

Let us eat cake. Lots and lots of cakes.

My balloon-like waistline was prepared to let it go when my friend and I made plans to meet for afternoon tea and cakes at Butterknife Folk. Literally a new kid on the shophouse block along River Valley Road, the recently-opened patisserie specializes in French-inspired cakes, as well as gelato and coffee.

If these doesn't sound enticing yet, wait till the moment when those luscious cakes come into sight.

Neatly displayed in the chiller, the available selection of 6 cake flavors dressed in vibrant shades and enveloping chocolatey or fruity goodness seemed to be in a beauty parade of sorts as it vie for our attention.

So chio, how to choose? Easy. We ordered everything!

In fact, I was excitedly checking out the other baked goods as well which includes Sugared Blueberry Muffin ($4), Chocolate Muffin Bomb ($4), Pecan Pie ($5.50), Brownie ($5), Mirabelle Tart ($5), Butter Croissant ($4), Almond Croissant ($5), Monster Cookie ($4), Double Chocolate Chips ($8), Almond Biscotti ($11.50).

Must dabao some back to the office for colleagues. Colleagues who share calories together, work well together :p

Hats off to young, dedicated owner-baker, Ingrid, who does all these baking herself with the assistance of another baker.

Putting her heart and soul into the details of every sweet treat, she has her Gelato ($5/$8 per single/double scoop) made in-house as well, with flavors ranging from the crowd-pleasing Milk & Cookies, Fudgy Brownie, Sesame Praline, Pistachio, Hojicha, to fruit-based creations such as Strawberry Basil, Yogurtberry Swirl, and Exotic, a blend of mango and passionfruit.

Some of you might have seen pictures of their Waffle Fingers ($4) making its social media rounds, a Insta-worthy pairing of waffle sticks with gelato and a syringe shot of maple syrup.

I was also told that the Hot Chocolate ($5.50) is definitely deserving of a try as it is prepared with real chocolate instead of the typically-used chocolate powder.

So much temptations! And you wonder why I keep whining about my failed diet plans haha. Nevermind that, let's get back to the cakes first.

Each piece is priced at $8 across the board, and the dainty size meant that it's possible to polish off more than one piece effortlessly.

Bohemian Rhaspberry

The Bohemian Rhaspberry would likely be the natural choice for chocolate lovers with its chocolate raspberry cremeux, chocolate sponge, raspberry coulis, reconstituted gianduja and hazelnut sable, but for you who prefer a lighter bite, go for the Sticky Fingers which has soft and moist finger sponge combined with the refreshing taste of coconut mousse, passionfruit curd, pineapple salsa.

Lemony Snicket has nothing to do with "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" in this case, but takes form of a lemon tart that hits the palate hard with bolts of invigorating sourness from the lemon curd. I like it very much! The gentleness from the buckwheat tart balanced it out just nicely though my personal preference would be for a thinner shell.

Lemony Snicket
Sticky Fingers

My favorite has to be that glossy, gorgeous creation named the Fruit Loop!

Appearing suspiciously like a doughnut, it was all of tangy lemon mousse delightfulness sweetened with a strawberry jelly core, and supported by dense pistachio sponge on top a buttery sable base with a ring of crushed pistachio.

Each mouthful was a superb blend of taste and textural happiness.

I was told that the Frasier is one of their more popular cakes. With delicious layers of moist, fluffy genoise, fresh strawberry and mascarpone chantilly, it's not difficult to understand why.

Fruit Loop

My friend also enjoyed the Marletti's Mountain that is selected for her little birthday surprise (Blessed Birthday, Joey!).

The cake with hazelnut dacquoise, toasted almond nib, candied chestnut, chestnut mousse and mascarpone chantilly is an interpretation of the familiar Mont Blanc, inspired by Chef Carl Marletti, one of the best pâtissier in Paris.

So elegant looking, so wondrously light in texture with the aroma of chestnuts! It is advisable to savor this delicate offering at its optimal best right in the shop, even though Butterknife Folk is more of a takeaway concept with only a few bar seats at a counter, and a large kitchen island at the back which doubles up as a communal table.

Butterknife Folk is named so because Ingrid felt like they are like fighting a battle with just a "butterknife" in this competitive café scene.

Are they winning so far? With all the captivating cakes that we have tasted, our hearts say..... definitely Yes!

Butterknife Folk
Address: 238 River Valley Road, Singapore 238296
Contact: +656734 7855
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-8pm / Sat 10am-9pm / Closed on Sun

Update: Starting from 1st October 2016, opening hours will be changed to Tue-Sun 12pm-8pm, closed on Mon.

Prices are (1) Stated in Singapore dollars (2) No service charge & GST (3) Correct at point of published date.

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