March 17, 2015

Boufé @ Phoenix Park ~ The Beautiful Boutique Café Is Worth A Visit

Our Sunday was made more beautiful with a drive into the tranquil surroundings of Phoenix Park. A Historic Site which used to house several important government agencies, the beautifully preserved buildings are now leased for commercial use and one of its occupants, Boufé, is the reason for our visit.

= (Bou)tique + Ca(fé). Yay can shop, can eat! Happy!

The name says it all, though it really sounds like 'buffet' haha.

Guess many OOTD-ers will be happy here too, as the charming black and white facade of Boufé looks impossibly photogenic and backdrop perfect. I saw quite a few of them striking their ootd and emo poses for the camera. A shot by the swing seems almost de rigueur judging by the postings I see on Instagram.

But the scorching sun soon drove us into Boufé's equally lovely interior, which is minimalistic with washes of white all over and abundance of natural light bathing the entire space. My liking for it was instantaneous!

I took no instant liking to the food menu though, as it hardly holds any surprises beyond the typical café fare.

Brunch items includes the usual Eggs Benedict ($16) and Classic Croque Madame ($19), while dinner service features mains such as Prawn Aglio Olio ($20), Fisherman's Dory with Chips ($18) and the chef's recommendation of Boufé's Old Fashioned Beef Stew ($26).

We enjoyed the light bites of Truffles Fries ($13) and Crispy Wings ($10). Not earth shattering, but certainly well-executed and great as nibbles (especially for my perpetually "itchy" mouth lol).

Triple B ($21), Boufé Big Breakfast of freshly baked buttery croissant served with scrambled eggs, assorted sausages, streaky bacon (we changed it to ham), sautéed mushroom and fresh greens sounds promising and proved to be enticing-looking, but some things cannot be covered up with prettiness. A bite into the sausage revealed its limp texture and eggs can do with more moisture.

The Brioche French Toast ($14), presented with fresh berries, chantilly cream and maple syrup, was a comparatively better choice in all senses. Thickly sliced and ooh so soft with a buttery fragrance, it was a delightful offering from the kitchen team which bakes all their breads and pastries on site.

I would probably come back again to try more of their housemade creations such as Strawberry Shortcake ($8) and Citron Tart ($5.50), as well as to have a cup of Latte ($4.80) again.

The relaxing ambience and generally okay food would be the main draw for me to return to Boufé. Though they do not take reservations and the crowd can be a tad heavy during the weekends, ladies can always shop at Ohvola boutique while waiting. Oops, the men don't get it :p

Address: 308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park #01-01, Singapore 247974
Contact: +65 6734 7656
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 8am-10pm / Sat & Sun 10am-10pm / Closed on Mon

Prices states are nett.

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