January 14, 2015

I Want My Noodle 见面就笑 @ Shaw Centre ~ Yummy Goodness In A Bowl!

I Want My Noodle! And it was certainly bowls of slurp-worthy satisfaction we had at this newly-opened casual eatery that specialize in handmade artisan egg noodles!

Its Chinese name "见面就笑" means "you smile when you see noodles". I smiled even wider when I ate their noodles.

Located on the 3rd level of recently-revamped Shaw Centre in Orchard Road, I Want My Noodle is indeed a commendable effort by first-time F&B entrepreneur Derrick Quah, who believes in the importance of freshness and quality. Ingredients are sourced daily at wet markets, everything from noodles to sambal chilli, stock and sauces are laboriously made from scratch with NO MSG.

Okay, first thing first, let's talk about the noodles. Thick and curly, it looked like plump-up version of instant noodles, but there is certainly nothing instant about these egg noodles. Derrick handcraft them in small batches freshly everyday using only the freshest eggs.

Texture wise, the noodles has a chewy and firm bite, not as QQ springy as I would like it to be, but still very enjoyable.

This same type of egg noodles is being used for all the 6 noodle variants - Simple, Chicken, Pork, Lor Bah, Double Roast, Prawn ($3.60 to $15.90) - that I Want My Noodle has on their menu.

When our noodle order came, the brownish-color sauce in both bowls looked similar at one glance, but upon tasting, they were distinctively different in flavors.

As I tucked into the Double Roast Noodle ($12.50) with succulent slices of char siew and siew yoke, I thought I was eating wanton mee without wanton! The seasoning was spot on and very punchy, those tiny pork lard croutons added a delightful crunch and inexplicable aroma to it.

Comparatively, the Lor Bah Noodle ($12.90) had a subtlety at initial taste but grew steadily addictive. It could be the use of rose wine, it could be that bit of braising sauce from the braised mushrooms and melt-in-the-mouth tender braised pork belly, the medley of flavors was altogether harmonious and delicious in a homely way. The egg was hardboiled with a soft custard-like yolk (not meant to be runny), just like how Derrick intended it to be. Even the clear radish soup which accompanied the noodles was delish with natural sweetness. I love this entire combination!

The Prawn Noodle ($15.90), said to contain both tom yum and curry notes, seemed to be worth an interesting try, but I would have to wait till my next visit as the eatery didn't managed to procure any fresh prawns that day. They didn't managed to get fresh chicken wings too, so no Fried Wings ($5.90) for us as well. *sob sob*

Instead, we ordered other sides such as crispy Giant Fried Wonton ($5.90). The Meatball Soup ($6.90), made from 100% minced meat with bits of chestnut, was a tad soft and lacked bounciness which I prefer, but its gingery broth was utterly flavorsome. Not too bad overall, but the sides didn't excite me like how the noodles did.

I Want My Noodle. That's all I need.

(Okay, maybe the fried chicken wings too :p)

I Want My Noodle (见面就笑)
Address: Shaw Centre,1 Scotts Road, #03-14/15, Singapore 228208
Contact: +65 9758 3037
Website: http://iwantmynoodle.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iwantmynoodle
Opening Hours: Daily 10.45am to 10pm (Last order at 9pm)

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