November 27, 2013

Wings World ~ New Specialty Restaurant at East Coast Road Is All About Wings, Wings & More Wings!

Woohoo! It's about time! Time for a specialty restaurant solely dedicated to... CHICKEN WINGS! If I sounded highly excited, it's because I was really thrilled when I first got wind of WINGS WORLD's opening through a friend's sharing on facebook. Don't you just love social media which undoubtedly plays a part in keeping us abreast of the latest yummy happenings? Hehee, anyway, plans were quickly made with a few fellow chicken wing lovers to check out the new place. Right smacked in the foodie haven of Katong along East Coast Road (with the famed 328 Katong Laksa as its next-door neighbour), would this be the best spot to get an American-style hot wing fix in Singapore now? We shall find out.

It is an understatement to say that I like chicken wings, the fact is.. I love it! With more than 10 different flavors (and more to come soon) vying for our affection at Wings World, there is certainly no lack of choices. The question is: Which flavors shall we accord our love to? Should we choose the wet ones tossed in a variety of sauces such as Buffalo, BBQ, Teriyaki, Asian Zing, Mango Habanero, or those coated with dry seasonings like Rajin Cajun, Citrus Pepper, Italian Herb, Vurry Curry, Jamaican Jerk? The variety of sauces and seasonings which are all homemade from scratch using over 75 quality spices, herbs and ingredients sure sounds titillating to the tastebuds.

After much deliberating, we finally reached a consensus and placed our orders. The deep-fried wings arrived nested in their baskets, but poor things, they looked so skinny. Our table wasted no time in quickly giving them their farewell photography shoot before they disappear in our tummies forever.

While the dry seasoning of Vurry Curry and Italian Herb were distinct in flavor, it was let down by the lack of succulence in the meat. I would also prefer my wings to be fleshier (plump it up yo!). The skin was crisp though, and lovely to bite.

Mango Habanero was sweet with a slight tang, but carried none of the fiery complexity it should have. We almost did not order the Buffalo wings, but I’m glad we eventually did, for it turned out to be the tastiest that evening. It came in four levels of spiciness: Mild, Medium, Hot and Blazin. We thought hot should be hot but apparently it’s not hot enough. We should have gone for the Blazin!

Overall, we find the wet saucy ones fared better in terms of combined texture and flavor.

The chicken wings can be ordered in 6 pieces (ala-carte $5.75 / set $7.95) or 10 pieces (ala-carte $8.95 / set $11.15) in your preferred Winglet, Drumette or a Mix of both.

Though the complimentary Cut Celery and Carrot Sticks with blue cheese or ranch dip makes great refreshing accompaniment, I would still go for the set which comes with a choice of drink and sides like the crispy and tasty Seasoned Fries, appetite whetting Coleslaw in its sharp, tangy apple cider vinegar dressing, creamy yet not-too-heavy Potato Salad or Pasta Salad to make it a complete meal. Since we're gonna indulge, might as well go all the way :p

Party Platters are also available for takeaways in 50 pieces ($45.95) and 100 pieces ($89.95). Simply call to pre-order, and if parking space is an issue, just drive up to the restaurant and the staff will swing over with your order! Wings World call it the curbside pickup service! Very convenient I must say!

Vibes are casual in this restaurant and the interior seems to be designed with an aim to emulate an America-style diner. Not quite there, but still, if you're looking to try some tastes different from your usual chicken wings, Wings World's wide variety of flavors might just suit you.

Wings World
Address: 214 East Coast Road, Singapore 428913
Contact: +65 62477477
Opening Hours: Sun-Thu 12pm-10pm / Fri-Sat 12pm-11pm

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  1. I love chicken wings too! Feel like ordering all the seasonings they have at one go!