September 03, 2013

Snowskin Mooncakes By Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel

I love mooncakes! Despite my expanding waistline, I will decadently indulge in them when the season of Mid-Autumn Festival comes every year, because eating mooncakes is a tradition of the festival. I'm doing my best part in upholding tradition, so must 多吃多吃 (eat more eat more) hahaha!! Though my favourite remains to be the traditional baked lotus paste with double egg yolk mooncakes, the contemporary snowskin version is also much loved for their exquisite range of colors and flavors.

Thanks to Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel, I received a box of snowskin mooncakes specially developed by their award-winning Executive Chef Lee Tuck Seng and talented Pastry Chef Lester Wang. With a focus on using wonderful fresh ingredients, the chefs designed pairings which complements each other well in taste. All the mooncakes are delicately hand-crafted and beautifully presented in dainty sizes completed with leaf motifs. So lovely!

Flavors include Dark Ganache with Rum, Black Sesame with Winter Melon Tea, White Lotus Seeds with Macadamia Nuts and Raspberry with Dark Chocolate. I would say the combinations are rather conservative compared to the current trend which competes highly on innovative creations. Not a bad thing, at least you know these flavors will taste 'safe'.

I shared the mooncakes with my colleagues and it all disappeared into our tummies before the afternoon is over. One colleague love it so much that she couldn't stop gushing about how smooth the paste is and how much she enjoyed it. I know she's not just paying lip service because she's one person who is not a fan of cakes and desserts at all. To have her eat so many pieces of it means something - The mooncakes are a good thing. Best of all, they're not overly sweet.

My personal favorite is the White Lotus Seeds with Macadamia Nuts which wins for its delicate flavor. Black Sesame with Winter Melon Tea came a close second, but I'm not really a fan of those fruity flavored ones. Very soft with a slightly chewy skin texture of perfect thickness, the mooncakes are best enjoyed chilled.

The mooncakes are available for sale at Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant in Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel until 19th September, as well as Parkway Parade Shopping Centre (Basement 1) until 18th September. Reasonably priced at between $48 to $60 per box, these snowskin delights are perfect for gifting and sharing with your loved ones. Receiving these delicious treats in their pretty Oriental-style purple box will surely put a smile onto one's face. It did put a smile onto mine :)

Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore
Address: 50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square, Singapore 428769
Contact: +65 6344 8000

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love their layered colors, instead of one even color throughout.. But my fav has always been snowskin though :P Already tempted to try Dark Ganache with Rum, and Raspberry with Dark Chocolate <3