September 06, 2013

Signature Stone Restaurant ~ Sizzling Hot Asian and Western Stone Pot Delights!

Good food are meant to be shared, but we have not been to Signature Stone Restaurant at Havelock Road before, so it's a case of calories must be shared! Lol! Well, Derrick is concerned that the food might be too heavy for him to finish it alone, so he extended the tasting invitation to Kimberly and me. It was a 'task' which I've happily helped him with, because the dishes we had were delicious in a comforting homey way.

We started off with Stone Pot Big Prawns Soup (small $10.90/big $19.60) and it was really really good! I love the soup which was intensely flavorsome with herbs and bursting with wonderful sweetness of the crustaceans. Each prawn were plump, fresh and conveniently de-shelled. This was simply mouth-watering and a delightful start to warm up the tummy!

The Stone Pot Wine Chicken ($8) was served piping hot, bubbling with pieces of succulent chicken and mushrooms. The addition of dried red chillies made the broth slightly spicy but at a very acceptable level. The dosage of wine can be stronger to make it more full-bodied in flavor.

The concept of Stone Pot Rice can be aptly described as a marriage of Korean Dolsot Bibimbap and Chinese Claypot Rice. Served in a very hot stone bowl, the rice is cooked with an array of ingredients and all should be mixed well before partaking. By using a stone bowl instead of claypot, the resultant rice will always be nicely charred, but never to the point of getting burnt. Each stone pot portion is just nice for an individual, and to order a few pots of different flavored rice for sharing is a good idea if you're with more company.

This is the best way to enjoy your stone pot rice:
Step 1: Separate the rice from the side and base of the bowl once the rice is being served to remove the first layer of rice crisp.
Step 2: Repeat this process during your meal to continue to enjoy your rice crisp layer after layer.

Ariel, the owner and chef of Signature Stone not only keeps to traditional Asian flavors for her stone pot dishes but is also bold in introducing some Western elements to cater to the more adventurous palates and keeping the younger crowd in mind, creating fusion dishes like Stone Pot Bacon & Cheese Rice ($10.90), Stone Pot Marinara Seafood Rice ($13.80) and Stone Pot Lemony Scallop ($15.60).

From the list of Western flavors, we tried the Stone Pot Garlic Herb Salmon ($12.30). Derrick was very receptive to the strong aroma of garlic, but I thought it was a tad too overwhelming. The flavors could have been more well-balanced to achieve a better overall taste. Still, I ate quite a bit of this, because I love the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture of the salmon.

I'm still very conservative in my choosing my favorites, preferring the Stone Pot Sliced Pork with Sliced Salted Fish ($8.20) from the Asian Flavor menu. Ooh I love this tremendously! A heavenly smokey aroma was released once the lid of the pot was lifted, revealing a sizzling medley of Special Marinated Pork, Chinese Sausages, Mushrooms and Vegetables.

The ingredients were generous and further topped with diced top-grade Salted Fish just before serving. Perfumed with fragrant notes of ginger and with juices from the ingredients permeating each grain of rice, a drizzle of dark soya sauce was all it needed to enhance the flavor. Mix it all well together, send the combination to your mouth and experience happiness! I can even hear the light crisp of the golden brown charred rice bits echoing in my ears as I chewed. Yummilicious max!

The stone pot rice menu also features classics like Special Marinated Minced Pork Patty ($7.60), Chicken with Sliced Salted Fish ($7.90), Seafood ($9.80) and Assorted Sausages & Waxed Meat ($11.30). I wish they have something with salted egg yolk, that would be so lovely!

If I can have my way, I would want the Onion Cheese Mushrooms Omelette ($6) to have more onions, more mushrooms, and be more cheesy. Otherwise, the omelette fits into the "can eat lah" category, as long as I try not to be too fussy. Its fluffiness made it still quite a nice side dish to go along with the stone pot rice.

I'd probably order the Chai Poh Omelette ($4), Silver Fish Omelette ($10) or Prawns Omelette ($10) during my next visit (I'm a egg-loving girl :p). A selection of vegetables like Oyster Sauce Cai Xin in Garlic Oil ($5), Broccoli Mushroom ($8) and Kai Lan with Silver Fish ($9) are also available.

With a good selection of stone pot rice dishes and soups at affordable pricing, Signature Stone Restaurant is a place worth visiting if you're looking for simple hearty food in an unpretentious setting. I did not regret spending my calories here :)

Thanks to Derrick and Ariel for the invitation.

Signature Stone Restaurant (CLOSED)
Address: 729 Havelock Road, Singapore  169649
Contact: +65 6271 9918
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm Daily

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