August 15, 2013

Samsui Ginger Chicken ~ A Perennial Favorite At Soup Restaurant 三盅两件

Most people would have heard of Soup Restaurant 三盅两件, a household name in the local dining scene best known for their home-cooked style Chinese fare and traditional double-boiled soup. With more than 10 outlets scattered throughout our island and having established their presence for years, I would be quite surprised if any of my friends are to tell me that they have never stepped their foot into one before. No, never? Really? Come come, let me bring you through this blogpost to their outlet in recently revamped Causeway Point :)

Located at level 5 among the new cluster of dining outlets, Soup Restaurant drew us over with its bright inviting facade, looking cheerful with refreshing white brick walls and purplish pink flowers. It's like a breathe of Spring, differing much from the other outlets which takes on a bamboo tree decorated, darker wooden theme. Food wise, the menu remains very much the same (despite the introduction of some new dishes), sticking to family recipes of authentic Chinatown heritage dishes such as Steamed San Yu, Tofu Prawn, Hometown Tofu and of course, the Samsui Ginger Chicken.

A perennial favorite which I always never failed to order, the Samsui Ginger Chicken (small-$15.90/large-$30.90) is still very much prepared the same time-honored way since the times of Samsui women in Chinatown, who only get to eat this dish during the Chinese New Year. How blessed we are to live in present moments when any time we want to sink our teeth into these pieces of tender, succulent meat, we can. Very simply prepared by steaming without much seasoning, the rich chicken aroma and taste is much apparent. I love dipping it generously with the fragrant grated ginger, followed by wrapping it in lettuce before sending it to my mouth, achieving another dimension in taste and crunch in each bite. Simply yummy!

Traditional Double-Boiled Herbal Soup is a delicious way of drinking to good health! More than just gentle tonics, it sometimes can even act as natural remedies for common ailments too. No worries if you're unfamiliar with the herbs' properties because the benefits are clearly explained on the menu. From Strengthening, Healing, Wellness to De-Stress, Nourishing and Calming, Soup Restaurant seems to have it all covered. My friend and I ordered a bowl each, she wanted to detox, I wanted to slim down lol.

For "Detoxification", the Double-Boiled Tien Chee with Chicken Soup ($7.90) serves to cleanse the blood and aids us in detoxification. It tasted a tad bitter and has a stronger herbal taste compared to my "Slimming", a Double-Boiled Puk Kay & Tong Sam with Black Chicken Soup ($7.90) which has a sweeter aftertaste. It's my choice as it's good for enhancing blood circulation, reducing blood pressure, promoting wellness and most importantly, has slimming effect! Yay!

Just having the chicken and soup only is definitely not sufficient as a meal (at least for me haha), so we ordered the Beggar Bowl Steamed Rice with Hand-chopped Minced Pork ($5.90) and Ah Kon Fan Shu Leaves ($8.90) too. We have the same spicy taste as Ah Kon (Grandpa), who preferred hotter stuff and fried the sweet potato leaves with lots of sambal chill haha. For the non-spicy version, there is the Ah Por Fan Shu Leaves ($8.90) which is simply fried with black soy sauce.

All in all, it was a pleasant meal where the standards are still consistently good after all these years. For decent food at reasonable prices in convenient locations, this is where I'd come back to again.

Soup Restaurant 三盅两件 @ Causeway Point
Address: 1 Woodlands Square #05-11, Singapore 738099
Contact: +65 6894 2322
Opening Hours: Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm / Dinner 5.30pm-10pm / Sat, Sun & PH 11.30am-10pm

For the address and opening hours of the other outlets, please check out the Soup Restaurant website.

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  1. I have never been inside before.

    Ok, I was just joking =P
    fully agree, their Samsui Ginger Chicken is shiok lah - yummy!!!