August 22, 2013

Easily The Best BBQ Chicken Wings In Yishun!

Every time I make my way to the vicinity around Blk 925 in Yishun, there are a few things I must eat: Chicken Rice, Laksa and BBQ CHICKEN WINGS! Yes, I thought the BBQ chicken wings here are so nice that I'm putting a label of 'best' on it, which can be quite dangerous because almost inevitably, there would be differing views on what's best. I'm sure everyone would have their own preference, but before any of you guys starts throwing darts at me, I just wanna share with you the place where I think you can find the best BBQ chicken wings in Yishun :)

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Nestled within the coffeeshop located behind the Yishun bus interchange is this corner stall which sells western food such as the standard chicken cutlet, pork chop but what's not to be missed is of course their BBQ chicken wings ($1.20 each)! There doesn't seem to be any signage so I couldn't tell you the name of the stall, but it's easily identifiable. Just look behind its glass panel where rows and rows of chicken wings are getting a good flaming over the burning charcoal fire!

Beautifully barbequed to a golden brown sheen, the skin is delightfully thin and crisp! I love to tear off the skin and savor the goodness of it, before sinking my teeth into its tender meat which still remains extremely juicy and falls off the bone effortlessly. Very well marinated and permeated with smokey flavor, the chicken wings are best enjoyed with a squeeze of lime and accompanying tangy chilli dip for extra oomph. I can easily finished 3 or more of these each time!

These are easily the best BBQ chicken wings I can find in the northern part of Singapore, nearest to where I stay. If you have your personal best to recommend, please do leave a comment below, I'd love to check them out too. Where the tasty chicken wings are, that's where PinkyPiggu will go! :D

BBQ Chicken Wings @ Yong Yun 81 Yishun Foodcourt
Address: Blk 925 Yishun Central 1, Singapore 760925


  1. i used to eat there. didn't know their chicken wings are nice. But the duck rice also very nice! I prefer the duck rice to the chicken rice.

  2. Wah... I love chicken wings and bbq wings are no exception! Looks good! One day shall try this!

  3. I think that shop just got shifted.. Anyone knows where this BBQ shop gonna shift to

  4. Yup, it's pretty good. For duck rice in yishun, try the one at blk 293!