November 02, 2012

Garibaldi ~ What An Anti-Climax!

** Guest Post by BFF **

This will be the concluding chapter for Singapore Restaurant Week. The last pit stop (after The Sleeping Rhino and Bistro du Vin) for our meal was Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar, located at Purvis Street. Garibaldi is currently one of the better established Italian fine dining places in Singapore.

Cold Angel's Hair Pasta with Fresh Oyster and Smoked Caviar
Being a big lover of oysters, this dish was simple yet elegant tasting. Oysters, caviar and angel hair pasta served cold with a touch of tanginess and truffle oil. Perfect starter I must say.

Beef Roasted in Olive Oil with Grilled Polenta, an original recipe of Brescia, the chef's hometown.
Rich robust flavors of the beef paired with mash potatoes on the top and polenta. Love the grainy texture of the polenta (cornmeal) which serves to cut the richness of the beef.

Pan Fried Drum Filet with Cannellini Beans and Fried Cauliflower. 
The fish was fried and cooked to perfection, soft creamy texture with crispy skin. Unfortunately this dish was a letdown, the cannellini beans and sauce could not lift the flavors of the fish creating a very bland tasting dish. It would be great if the sauce had more depth to it. My dining partner also commented on the strong fishy smell the dish had.

Traditional Piedmont Chocolate and Amaretti Pudding with Vanilla Sauce.
Piedmont is one of the 20 regions of Italy, known for its fertile land and quality food produce. This dessert sadly did not live up to its expectations. We were expecting a rich bitter sweet sinful chocolate dessert but were served instead with a very mediocre tasting chocolate pudding. The only saving grace I guess was the tart tasting raspberries.

Overall we felt let down by our visit to Garibaldi. Being a fine dining restaurant, the food was simply not up to its expectations. It may seem unfair to criticize them due to it being restaurant week and the limited menu, but it is exactly because in the spirit of restaurant week for restaurants to showcase what they are capable of which left us sorely disappointed.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar
Address: 36 Purvis Street #01-02, Singapore 188613
Contact: +65 6837 1468
Opening Hours: Lunch 12pm - 3pm / Dinner 6.30pm - 11pm Daily

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