October 19, 2012

Bistro du Vin ~ A French Date with the Perfect Salmon

** Guest Post by BFF **

The second part of restaurant week is back!! After our adventure at The Sleeping Rhino, we are heading to Bistro du Vin @ Zion Road this time. Located a stone throw away from Zion Hawker Centre, this restaurant by the Les Amis group serves up French and European cuisine.

Cauliflower soup with fourme d’ambert (blue cheese). Pureed cauliflower soup with flavours accentuated by the blue cheese. Wonderfully perfect for mopping up with French loaves.

Scramble Egg with Mushroom and Chorizo on Toast
. Crunchy toasty bread. Check. Creamy soft eggs. Check. Oh so wonderful smoked chewy pork slices! Check! Do yourself a favour and use your hands to enjoy it in its entirety.

Baked Salmon a la ”Grenobloise” with lemon, capers, crouton buttersauce and salad. Time for some wiki help “A dish prepared à la Grenobloise (in the Grenoble manner) has a garnish of small croutons along with brown butter, capers, parsley, and lemon.”

This perfectly done salmon with its creamy velvety texture, the capers adding a welcoming salty burst of flavours and fresh crisp salads dressed in vinaigrette is simply delicious.

Coq Au Vin with Mash. Huge hearty portion of braised chicken topped with mash potatoes and vegetables. The rich strong flavors of the wine braise and yummy chunks of pork belly bits comes thru into the chicken, leaving you wishing you had more of the braise sauce. And before I forget, the mash potatoes had a great buttery mouth feel at each bite.

Banana Crumble with Triple Chocolate Ice Cream. Toasty crunchy bits of banana crumble, caramelized bananas and a scoop of dark rich chocolate ice cream. Who can find fault with it?

Crème Brulee. Rich custardy texture intersperse with specks of vanilla beans, chewy caramelized top. This one dish had us wanting more.

Simply decorated with interesting photos and poster splashed across their walls, this place is perfect for a casual date or outing.

Bistro du Vin @ Zion Road totally lived up to our expectations, simple fresh and good quality ingredients goes a long way. We totally left the place satisfied and full and would definitely recommend this place.

Bistro Du Vin @ Zion Road
Address: 56 Zion Rd, Singapore 247781
Contact: +65 6836 6313
Opening Hours: Lunch 12-2pm / Dinner 6.30-10pm Daily

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